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Saturday's Flower

49 pieces
136 solves
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LOL! I know what you mean! I thought the same thing when Mary mentioned the sombrero.


OK, now I'm hungry for some good Mexican food!


Mandy, I am utterly and wholly confused by your comment. I thought you were already using your feet for puzzle solving though. LOL right back at you. :-)


What can I say - perhaps if I start using my non-dominant hand to do puzzles... or my feet perhaps??? LOL


Mary, you're spot on. And having the sombrero in the middle of the room fits this flower puzzle to a 't.' Thankfully there was no rain today.

Jan, I'm so glad you enjoyed this one. :-)

Mandy, I still haven't checked to see if there are women...but if you can't see them, then my educated guess is that I can't either. I didn't miss the purple and scarlet though. LOL

Mary, I see your time is improving but I have a feeling that you won't ever catch Mandy. Maybe I'll make a semi-private one sometime just for you and Mandy. It will be a great chance for you to be at the top....and her below. ;-)


Well, Mandy, it sure didn't slow you down! Congrats on the number one spot! It was fun to work and I did it in only 5:49. Thanks, Wendy!


Wendy, I can't see any women, I think they must all be looking for the person wearing a sombrero - I do see lots of purple and scarlet... my favourite colours!!! Thanks.


I enjoyed this wonderful puzzle and got a good feeling out of the happy colors put together in such nice array.


Ah, the Saturday Flower seems to look a bit Southwestern, so I have altered my Flower Dance. There's now this sombrero in the middle of the room and I'm...well, you get the picture. Hope I don't mess up and cause it to rain!


Ardy, are you sure you see what you see? I'll send you some seeds and you can start your own garden. ;-)

whatnauts, every time Ardy sees something in my flowers I have to go to my folder and magnify it that way in order to see the details since I can very rarely see what she sees in the thumbnail or this preview pane.


I can't for the life of me see what ringleader sees. I see a flower - a beautiful flower - hahaha. Who says I don't have any imagination!!


Looking at the bottom of the flower I see Middle Eastern women with pointed hats and purple veils. You do have some interesting seeds growing in your garden, Wendy. Thanks.