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G, thanks Gail for getting me going

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Mary - I noticed you mention somewhere that you missed the puzzle sizes being posted on the new Jigidi. Well today I just happened to notice that when I saved a puzzle it did show the size of the puzzle on the little picture that pops onto the screen when the puzzle has been saved. You can do it as soon as you click on "Solve puzzle" so it will not put any time on your clock either. Please forgive me if you know this... the pause button is the round greeny one in the top right of the puzzle screen. I really hope that helps you :~)


Thanks, Gail. I'll call you if we don't get her but that girl needs a home where she can feel safe and secure. We got all the good dog stuff yesterday. We got one of those leashes that extends so she'll feel she has more freedom on her walks (and it's pretty pink, of course). Organic food and Milk Bones size small. And we set the kitchen up with her mat and bowls on the outside portion of the room so she doesn't have to pass the cat bowls and get confused. Didn't bother the cat to switch sides, you know how they are - laid back and food is food! LOL


Mary, I haven't checked here in a while, but I'm glad I did. I hope you get Bella, but in case you don't, I can tell you where you can get any number of animals that desperately need homes. Give me a call (if you don't still have my number, email me) and we can discuss your options. It might entail a trip south of where you live, but maybe one can be delivered to you. I'm still hoping for the best for you and Bella.


Kathy, I don't think they want to find a home for her. First they said one week, they needed to have her spayed and cat-test her. Then they put me off another week because they didn't get her spayed and didn't cat-test her. They've finally cat-tested her and said it was inconclusive because she was nervous being out of her normal area. Well, why didn't they just bring a cat to her? I can attest to how portable cats are! They said they'd have to see how she was with our cat. AND they said they can't bring her until sometime after 4 p.m. Saturday because they have to be at an event from 11 - 4 that day. I'm about ready to tell them if they're so reluctant to part with her they shouldn't. But then I don't know where to go to get a dog. I really wanted one that needed a good home. Maybe they'll get her here late Saturday afternoon.

I almost didn't check back for any more notes on here. If you want to comment to me my e-mail is and I welcome your contact! Maybe you can encourage me to hang on till Saturday. I really want Bella but it looks like they want her, too!


Mary, sorry for the late response. I went AWOL for a few days and have some catching up to do. Sounds like Bella has some love to look forward to :-) I do hope it works out well for you, Bella, and the entire family!!!

Hopefully by now, you will have had many doggie kisses!!!!! Is she with you guys yet???????


Kathy, here's what I posted on Facebook: We picked a dog at a rescue haven and she'll be spayed this week and then next week they'll bring her to our house to be "cat-tested." They'll test her with one of their cats there, but even if she passes that, they need to be sure she'll get along with our cat. They're very careful about placement. I filled out a "dog adoption sheet" and sent it to them last night so they could approve us. If all goes well, we'll have Bella, a small-ish black pit bull that's very sweet and people-friendly. She sniffed us out and in the process decided to kiss my hand - very sweet! We hope we get her! She was abused and left alone, she needs a good home and attention and we think we've got just the place for her!
You can find this post under my Facebook page. It's Mary Nolan Anderson Duckworth. I got many good and encouraging comments on it! I have many "dog people" friends on Facebook! LOL


Wendy, it's OK to cross your limbs, just consider that crossovers! The left becomes the right many times, and you can leave one foot on the floor at all times if you choose! Both arms and one leg at a time, always changing from leg to leg! LOL


So was it this Saturday that you were hoping to find a little doggie?????


Mary, I've been practicing this dance for almost a week now and I still get confused. Which limb is the right limb, which the left limb, and which one is the middle limb? I think I'm using the middle limb as the left limb by accident.


Hummingbird, thanks for asking. We haven't been yet, but we have an appointment on Saturday at 2:00 p.m. to visit the place and look for one. They were due to get in 10 more small dogs last Saturday, so there's an even better chance!

Wendy, the pink one is the key. Three limbs have to move at the same time, while keeping your line smooth, then you link them all together with a splitz or a lunge (your choice, however the left foot should remain in front whichever you choose). See what good exercise you can get just with a little dancing? You'll be ready to run a marathon before long!


Mary, I'm practicing the 3 Step Nolanese Dance night and day until I can get it just right. I noticed that I don't have much of a problem with the enclosed purple and green one, but the pink one is open ended and I'm not sure which way to move. LOL


Well, I had to pop back in and see if you found you a pup this weekend?????How did it go?????


Thanks, pkin! I always love working your really small puzzles. Great warm ups and ego boosters!

Peahen, thank you! I don't have much time to create them (plus I don't know how), but I hope to create some more soon using some tips I read in a post!

Wendy_Nolan_13, yes, now you may dance the Nolanese Dance for Joy, Happiness, and Peace! Have fun, it's a great one and I'm sure you can just imagine it as you go and it will be perfect! That's how the best dances are done!


Great start MaryNolan. I expect to see more of your art work here soon.


Well, Mary. My new name is Wendy_Nolan_13. So now I will be able to dance this one properly. You picked out three great colors which suit this dance perfectly. :-)


Love it love it thanks Mary


Oh, you caught me. However, this dance has been renamed the Nolanese Dance in honor of Mandy and my new word! The pink is Joy, the green is Happiness, and the purple is Peace because purple is a color for peace (also for monarchs and England has a monarch and is a peaceful country so it makes sense)!

It helps to have Nolan somewhere in your name in order to be able to perform this dance properly. Lots of people in my family could do it, but to my knowledge I'm the only dancer in the bunch, and I know I'm the only skater, which is where my love of dance was manifested! (My mother wouldn't let me take dance lessons but she let me take skating lessons. I taught her a lesson, but good! "Don't mess with me, I'll find a way around you!" LOL)


Mary, I can't believe that you've posted this puzzle which is obviously meant to show the steps to one of your Flower Dances, but haven't included the name of the dance. This must be the Three Step Glide Musical Note Dance. I expect to see more dance steps in the future. ;-)


Mary - I am delighted you love Nolanese - how fabulous to have all that family history and tradition in your life.


Thanks, Pat! It will be a while before I can get to it but I'm collecting all the tips I can get! Gotta get that doggie, though. There's one out there waiting for a forever home!

Thanks, Mandy! I love Nolanese! Especially since it's my distinctive middle name. See, I was supposed to be a boy and to be named after my father, John Nolan Anderson. I'm so proud they gave me his middle name anyway (which goes back to a last name on his mother's side, and later to a first name on that side - it's kind of a Southern thing to do that stuff - lol). He never held it against me that he didn't get a boy. He taught me all sports and bought me a baseball bat when I said I wanted one! I shall do many things in Nolanese from now on! I just added it to my dictionary so it wouldn't highlight red! You are so creative!


Congratulations on taking the plunge - maybe this says, Joy, Happiness and Peace in Nolanese???


I can't decide which should be more important--Jigidi or a dog...! LOL! My Maggie and Cassie wouldn't like it if I said it was Jigidi... I think this is a terrific and fun puzzle--very refreshing! Congrats on joining the club!!!!!

I use Paint to create the images I use, and LunaPic to make the kaleidos with those images. I've never tried Sumo, but it sounds cool, so I thank Kathy as well for her explanation! I hope you find the time to make many more puzzles--most of us find that creating is just as, if not even more, addictive than solving!


Oh, Kathy, thank you soooo much for the great information on making them. I'm really looking forward to using Sumo like you do, and getting images from Googling for them. I love to Google anything! LOL I should have called this puzzle the Colonel Bogey Bike! It will be awhile before I have any time to do any more with it since I work long hours and we're going looking for a dog this weekend, but I'll get back with you. Gail (Octomom) is helping me, too, and has offered a phone lesson so I can work on the puzzle while she's explaining it. That, too, will have to wait until after the Dog Day cometh! LOL

Thanks so much!


Mary, I saw the super nice comment that you left on one of my puzzles. I think the title was "If You Like Pinks".

I use the Sumo paint all the time. I roam the web hunting for free online programs and stumbled across it a short while back. If you have any questions, I will be more than glad to answer them if I can.

As for pictures to use, you can google for images. Type in something like "colorful lights" or "colorful flowers" and hit image. A bunch of pics should show up when you do this. I am sure there is an easier way, but what I do is click on the image and then hit "print screen". I then open up paint and crop the image. You can then save that image and use it in Sumo.

Go to Sumo, hit the tab about opening image from computer and the image will appear. For a Kaleido, go to the header called "Distort" and when the drop down appears, click on the Kaleidoscope tab. A little window will open up and it will have a little blue dot that you can move around making endless kaleido's. You can adjust the settings in another little window.

Hope I did not confuse you. Just give me a buz and I will see if I can explain it better if you would like. There are several other programs out there too that you might want to try :-) Kathy

Oh, btw, so glad you decided to give creating a try. I have only been doing it for a short time. Dohun, aka Dagmar, gave me two links for making kaleidos and I went from there. Those two links were "Tupix" and "Lunapix". Tupix is neat too.

Well I am off to solve your bike for a three legged person. LOL

Hope to hear from you :-)


Thanks so much, PJ! That means a lot. I know it's a silly puzzle, I just wanted to see what it was like to go through the process. I don't have any choice right now but to free-form in Sumo since I don't have any pics on my laptop (or whatever you folks get these from). I don't really know how to use Sumo to create real kaleidos but it will give me something to work on. However, back to work tomorrow long hours so I'll just be solving at least until next weekend, and we're supposed to go look for a dog to adopt then so that will cut the time shorter. Sigh, why can't I just retire to a life of Jigidi? Between that, Facebook, and the books I read I could fill my time so easily! LOL Thanks again, PJ, for the encouragement!


This is fun - 'a bicycle built for a three-legged person', you've got a lot of creative imagination.


Mary, congratulations - your very first puzzle and more than 100 solves! Keep on sharing the fun.


It's a great start, Mary. You have to start somewhere. Pretty soon, you'll be as addicted as we all are. I never use Sumo to create a project, but rather to add touches and kaleidos. The kaleidos it can produce are amazing and infinite. Don't feel bad about your time. It took me :36. Look for my email.


Ardy, thanks so much! Heck, I'm too slow for my own board! LOL Took me :52 for just this little one. The first one I made was about 24 pieces and I couldn't get in under a minute n that one! Thanks for your encouragement, and for your kind words on my choice of colors!


Great beginning. Keep it up. I'm too slow for your board 0:37. Like your color choices too.


I rather like it. Colorful and very creative! Thanks.


Tigress, you are a dear, but I don't think I'm "cut out" for making jigsaw puzzles! I can't even make the board when I know what it looks like! LOL


Hey Mary, good to see you getting in on the act. Well done! :-)


Thanks, sag! I may be dangerous now, let loose with this stuff now that I've done one! LOL Now that I look at it I see a bicycle built for a three-legged person.


Like it!


Stop laughing. This is what people do when they've been Jigidi-deprived for a week at sea and somebody posts a link to some Sumo paint thing. Don't have any pics so I free-formed and now you know kids shouldn't be let loose with the crayons.