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Monkshood in my garden

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There's quite a bit of it in our church flower beds.

I just found out what this plant was today. It is beautiful!

Last year, I handled one of them quite a bit while taking it around and asking people if they knew what it was. I wouldn't have done that had I known.


The active ingredient in the toxic part of the plant is used to make digoxin a heart medication. It has been used since ancient times to treat heart problems and also to help with insomnia. Just as the picture above shows the flowers are gorgeous and their are many different colors available. There are beautiful bicolors as well. It is still used in non western medicine and by some herbalists but it should never be used by anyone who does amateur herbalism because the wrong dose or using the wrong part can be fatal. I would not grow it myself at present because I have young grandchildren who come to our farm but if that were not the case or if I could have a locked garden I would grow it for its beauty. There are other equally deadly plants that people take into their homes every Christmas season: mistletoe, poinsettia and holly. If you have young children around your house it is always good to look up any plant prior to purchase to make sure that it is nontoxic. Most toxic plants will make a child extremely ill at best and will be fatal at worst so always do your homework. By the way, I think that the picture is really beautiful!


Doglover, I never had either, but looked it up just now and it is deadly toxic! I don't know why anyone would have it in their garden, Wikipedia said you need to wear gloves just to handle it! Maybe chikkee can tell us.


I've never heard of Monkshood - what exactly is it? It is beautiful and my favorite color.


Amazing how something so beautiful can be so deadly! Thanks Chikkee

Pretty, but deadly poisonous.