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Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star...

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This kaleidoscope was created from an image sent to me by Catherine. Many thanks.


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Any time, Kathy!


I need your Stars on my moon puzzle that you mentioned made you sleepy LOL Thanks for a fun time :-) Kathy


You're welcome, ladywil.
Deborah, it does, doesn't it?


Love the stars in this...makes me think of snow...somewhere VERY far away from here! LOL


Hi Octomom, this is a great puzzle with all the snowflakes on it. Thanks


Thanks, Julia. I had done all that (except contact Frontier), to no avail. Lo and behold, when I logged on just now, all was well with the world. I have no idea why the Universe giveth or why she taketh away.... "Flush their proxy"? I never heard that term before. It sounds nefarious!


Here's the message Stefan Kiehl Rosell sent me: try to clear yr browser's cache to rid system of old files. If this doesn't fix the problem, try re-installing the Adobe Flash Player. If none of these approaches work, your ISP (Internet Services Provider) may be blocking the new files and need to flush their proxy. You can try to contact them (it's a mistake on their part), but within a couple of days the problem usually corrects itself. - hope it's useful!


Oopsy. Sowwy. LOL


No sparkles. STARS!!! Can't you read the title???? ;))))


Awww!! Widdle sparklies! How cute!! Thanks Gail. :)))

I like the sparkles in your puzzle. Thank you.