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Ice Storm Aftermath

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Well, two days when the temperatures worked into the middle thirties, with a bit of wind, cleared most of the ice from the trees - but it didn't help my parking area.

As you can see from the space "cleared" in front of the steps, there is up to 3" of ice and frozen sleet on the asphalt that the plow couldn't penetrate. The parking area goes back to the house and extends to the fence; the plowbank now encroaches significantly on it.

And the plow bank is a hard-frozen conglomerate of a jumble of ice chunks and frozen sleet/snow. It's literally impenetrable with conventional tools, and anything short of a front-loader's scoop couldn't dent it.

So much for keeping the area clear. And it's only January 2nd; the snow season has just begun. Where will we put it?


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As you said it is only Jan 02 ... and winter is just begun ...


Where to put it? A question I've been asking lately. My piles are getting so high that's it's getting tough to toss it over the top. And the driveway is just packed layers of snow and ice. I can get out, if necessary, but I'm into a temporary hibernation mode. At least until the temps get into the high teens and twenties


Oh My, Don! Do what Robbie says, it's a great idea. We will be thinking of you! I hesitate to say it under these conditions, but "Happy New Year!" :)) Jan


I always try and help people whenever I can dondi. Why not invite a bunch of men over for a beer party, say your pipes are frozen in the bathroom and without going into detail I'm sure your ice and snow would be gone by tonight!!!!..........Sorry I can't drop over to help, all I can do is send some hot air your way! Good luck and Happy New Year.