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...and he was DELICIOUS

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Pumpkin is only just coming up to her 11th seems so cruel that any kitty goes before what we think is the right age. We have four. Her sister and she were born at the vets where we collecting our Tootsie, a rescue kitty. Their mother was in a road accident and was at term so the vets did a Caesarian and all kittens and mother survived so we said we would like two when it was time to leave the mother. And we have a four year old hooligan called Ziggy.
Priscilla and Fodus...such love, pleasure and sadness all bundled up in fur. Layla is beautiful, may you have many happy years together




I love it!! Sounds like some sad cat tales. This is Layla our Cat Rescue cat that we adopted just over one year ago. She's 16 months old & keeps us amused:))) Thanks priscilla.


Gosh, Fodus....what on earth happened to them? It seems you gave them a good home, were they old? Why did they die? That is so sad. Sorry to hear that.


2 tame cats were given to us. They had been together for a long time. One was missing and we assumed a coyote got it. The other was mourning for quite a while. The first was discovered in an abandoned truck, here. He crawled up there to die. The other was lying on the lawn when we came home. Just died on the spot. They always talked as they came and greeted me. I was glad to know they were coming as they could have scared me. I'd talk to them and they would respond. How about that?


Oh Brie...I am so sorry. You don't say how old he is. We just lost Elsa in May, 4 weeks shy of her 21st birthday. Please just love him and enjoy him and let him know how much he means to you. You will have many loving memories, it just takes time....we still mourn Elsa.


I knew a big tabby like this who consumed a chihuahua!! All the profile kitties are gorgeous! Mine sadly, has been diagnosed with the auto-immune condition HES...days, maybe a couple of months but no longer :-(


...or a raccoon, lol


give them a hamster each


They are 15 and 16 respectively....nothing like two 20-lb kitt'ehs sitting on your chest 5 o'clock in the a.m. saying, "feed meeee."


yes they are, but they are now 7 years old but still gorgeous love them, and yours are gorgeous too


hannah....are those your fur babies on your profile pic? They are absolutely gorgeous, not like my two big old lummoxes ...


Love this, very funny