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Jigidi Jig...... (Little Jig)....

36 pieces
71 solves
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Thank you QORE.... But only 'slightly garish'.... I must be losing my touch... Back to work... I know I can reach full garish soon.... LOL Thanks Mimi.... :) :)


It is a pleasure to see the younger folks enjoy real music...There were a few really young ones at the concert 8 or 10 years old.... They looked to be enjoying the show... Really good acoustics in the theater.... An excellent way to spend an afternoon... :) :)


Thank you Sue... I'll keep your suggestion in mind... Have a fun on the trail and stay warm.... :) :)


Adorable puzzle, and you know I love those bright (slightly garish) colors!


Glenn WHO?


One of life's little pleasures: one of my sons-in-law saw the old Glenn Miller Story movie and really liked the music, now owns at least one GM CD!


Cute little puzzle, Sally. It would be a good one for Magnus's birthday or Jigidi Appreciation Day. Have a good Thanksgiving.


Thank you, Francine, are you bringing the Tarot cards? We'll turn the tables on those little Martians.... Have you been hanging around Robbie and his vivid imagination lately? Seance and Martians in the same sentence... LOL :) :)

Thanks leet, good idea, maybe we can get them to do the vacuuming and dusting.... :) :)

No worries Snooker, when they finish here, we'll send them right over.... :) :)

PLG, truer words were never spoken.... Even if they are Martian hands... :) :)

Way to go Whaty, number one spot.... And an addition for your bookmarks... Thanks.... :) :)

Very perceptive oddio... Hopefully the Jigidi net will hold up... Totally unrelated to this puzzle... We went to a Glen Miller concert this afternoon... They are here in OZ on tour... With a few more stops to go... It was excellent... Music with real words and real melodies.... What a treat.... :) :)


A circus act. They're waiting to catch someone jumping from some high perch.


I enjoyed this Little Jigidi Jig. I may solve the larger version at some point.


"Many hands make light work!" Great puzzle! Thanks!

Cute idea, Sally. Can I borrow them for some work around here?

Those little creatures look to be a great help around the house. Thanks for the puzzle.


Jigidi seance, table-turning little Martians. Cute one, Chrissie. Thanks. (2:26)