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Colorful Corset?

64 pieces
150 solves
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An interesting variation to the Jiggyboards. :))


Thanks so much to all of you - Ardy, JC, Hanne, Katie, Dondi and Janine! I really appreciate your comments. I'm also happy that you enjoyed this tough puzzle!

I'm here too late, so I have it bookmarked for tomorrow. Thanks dear Jan.
This looks so intriguing and a fun puzzle. See you later Janine.


Tough little puzzle. Interesting.


It does look a bit like a corset. Good thing they've evolved, along with girdles, into Spanx! Modern technology and fabrics have made body shaping comfortable! Thanks Jan!


What a funny and interesting effect!! Thanks so very much Jan!!


A difficult one, Jan! Fun and challenging but glad it's not any bigger!


Colorful and pretty but not easy. Do they still make corsets anymore? This is funny because a couple of days ago Pat (pkin) had something about girdles. When I was a kid anyone my age wore a corset and younger women wore girdles. Don't see any of those advertised any more. But they have nothing in common with this fun, unrestrained puzzle. Thanks, Jan.