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Cauliflower soup

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Creamy Cauliflower Soup. After a 20-minute saute of onions, garlic, celery and thyme, the florets from a head of cauliflower and six cups of chicken broth join in for an additional 20 minutes of simmering. The soup is finished with a quick puree in the Vitamix and served with a choice of various embellishments. Dorie suggests a drizzle of extra-virgin olive or walnut oil, grated cheese, crushed toasted walnuts, crème fraîche or sour cream, caviar, and/or shaved truffles as optional toppings.

Inspired by a recipe for roasted cauliflower with gremolata (a chopped herb condiment typically made of lemon zest, garlic, and parsley), she decided gremolata would make a pretty topping for my soup. She zested a lemon and then took it up a notch by frying parsley leaves and thinly sliced garlic "chips" in peanut oil. A drizzle of olive oil, piece of crusty bread, and glass of wine sealed the deal.


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Wow Robbie! These are great additions. I adore Leicester Stilton. Thank you.

Happy New Year.


YO I made the soup today and it was delicious! I added a head of broccoli, 1/4 cup of white Sauvignon Blanc and some orange Stilton. Jenny loved too and thanks again for the recipe.


I'm going to make this too YO, I have some broccoli which I will add and crumble some Leicester Stilton in, thanks and Happy New Year.

Thank you Kathy.

All the best to you in this New Year. Your story of Bella and her brother was beautiful and heartwarming and it means so much to know there are other caring people in the world.

Loved your story about the kitchen remodel. Hope they get it right this next time so I will know how your soup turned out. If we were closer, I would bring some over.



Yarnover, just wanted to stop by and leave a personal Thank You for your support and caring through the journey of Bella and her brother. And to wish you the very best in this new year :-)

I saw this puzzle and just had to do it. What a great shot......worthy of going in a magazine or recipe book for sure!!!!! I do little cooking but I do love to eat LOL Your soup is enough to stir my cooking skills LOL I love soups and have always enjoyed broccoli and also potato soup but have never thought of Cauliflower Soup. I yearn for a warm bowl, so the grocery store will soon be visited to pick up the ingredients. Thank you for a wonderful enticing display and a definite need to try recipe. Will definitely be back to check out more of yor puzzles when things begin to settle down around here.

I just realized that your soup was so intoxicating that it made me forget that my kitchen in smack in the middle of being remodeled!!!! Now that tells you how inviting your bowl of soup is when I forget that my kitchen is in such a mess LOL LOL LOL On Christmas, we had to wash off three raw chickens in the bathtub because there is no sink our countertop in the kitchen LOL. I do wish Home Depot had gotten the measurements correct the first time around :-( One Cauliflower Soup awaiting in the wings LOL Kathy :-)


Thankyou - and a very happy New Year and here's to loads of deliciously fattening puzzles!

Thanks Brie. That is good to know. Guess that means I am doing well with one monitor and a mouse after all! You are still number one.


'Lord' is my challenge and yes, I have done them repeatedly but some are way beyond my reach so I am happy to be a runner-up. I use a graphics pad and stylus, it is quicker than a mouse but I love the food pics, they are great.

Great time Brie! It is always fun to see how long it takes 'lord' to re-work and re-work and re-work the puzzle till the time is topped. I believe one time, the first time is the only honest way.

PG - your Parsnips sound wonderful. Great idea.


this is a wonderful cold day offering and so good thank you for the suggestions and recipe. I roasted Parsnips the other night and then used the food processor and made mashed taters out of them and served them with a little butter and boy were they good.


I LOVE the food pictures though they have caused me to pile on the pounds, of that I am sure!! LOL!! WOW! I can't believe I did that in 54 secs - must have been the caffeine in the coffee! Hmmm...caffeine or calories? Both, I think!

You are most welcome Brie - your 'handle' on this site makes my hungry.
Jawz --- there is always enough for you!!


You just made me hungry! Is there enough for me too??? :)))


lovely puzzle and thank you so much for the recipe - I shall give it a try