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clouds and truck

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On our morning walk a utility truck passes by 'searching for another overload'.


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Hope you get past this without any power loss JC. I have a generator for just that situation because I need to get water to the animals and when in Florida during the hurricanes it came in very handy for five days at a time.


What a poet might call a lowering sky. Thanks for sharing, JC.
Hope your power supply is not interrupted. You may need a bucket on a rope to get water otherwise! We've been in that situation before except our supply was tank and not well. Much easier to turn on a tap on the tank:-)


Thanks, Toto! I am always concerned about the power going out here. No electricity means no well pump!


Yeah - lots of rain and thunder up here. If you have the same, hopefully, you won't need to utility truck.


I agree, chickie! The picture needed this truck for scale.


The truck is the right touch for this photo. Nice on jc.


Thanks, Pat! We never got any rain yesterday! That is supposed to all change today. Strong thunderstorms are predicted for later today.


Your sky looked like mine did yesterday for a few and then the rain moved in... It's been raining every since .. Great picture...