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Another mountain farm, Norway!

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You have to be Norwegian to put your farm like this. Indeed it's very spectacular, but rather difficult to come to!! Actually it seems to be a minor problem in Norway!! They are tough!!


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David, if we really could remove this wonderful mountainside to a more open place it would be exactly the landscapes you mention. The small and very spectacular waterfall at the side too!! Just think about a place for Gollum to fish!! Thanks so very much!!

I bet they are NOT, Varda!! - but on the other hand, you never know about Norwegians!! They have a very special relation to mountains!!

You are SO welcome laurajane, thanks so very much!!


Wow, Elfie...Hanne...this is really rugged and pristine. Thank you!


I bet they're not much troubled with burglars.


Ah, but if the landscape were to drop away on our right hand, then this could be the upper slopes of Ithilien. Or better still, the slopes of Ossiriand in the Elder Days...
Thanks for the trip to Norge, Hanne!


Oh NOO, not in winter!! Only for a few days in summer, it's too close, the opposite sides are not far away and even if they are full of beautiful colours and trees, it's too close for me. We were there for about 12 hours, it was enough!! That's my problem with Norway: the mountains are too close!! Thanks so very much Ank!!


But if you want to rest, a great place. You will not quickly be disturbed. A beautiful photo Hanne. I would not mind to live there in summer. But not in winter.


Thank YOU, Sandy!!


Just gorgeous Hanne. Thank you.


It was fabulous, Ardy, to the right was a glacier right down from the heights and very close!! Thanks so very much!!


To live in primitive conditions for a few days on a vacation might be ok, even fun. But I wouldn't care to have to do it for a lifetime. Thanks, Hanne. Beautiful area and majestic scenery.