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Heartfelt Thanks To All On Jigidi! (Smaller)

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Thanks so much to everyone on Jigidi, for the puzzles created and the friendships made! It's been a wonderful year!


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For all time, until hell freezes over, until they begin the beguine!!! YES!!! :-)))


...(and well....also).........................................................................


THE BUGOSIAN CALENDAR SHALL BE....................ETERNAL!............


Just don't have it end precipitously, like the Mayan one.......


Well, you could be right.....I shall have to invent a new calendar......after all, it has been done before......


How can you let the man of numbers' puzzle decide your calendar for you?!!! You're the omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent, omnivorous ruler, as I mentioned once before--YOU get to decide when it begins! LOL! Happy New Year, anyway!


Actually, the Bonga-Bongan New Year was 2 days ago - I only found out after reading david-numbers' "Nerd Calendar".......oh and learn!......


Thanks, Hester, and Happy New Year to you, too--even if poor Maggie (and now Cassie as well) still sigh with longing when they see your pictures of Freddy....! Unrequited love (lust?!)--so sad... LOL! It has been a wonderful year, full of fun, here on Jigidi--thank you for all you've contributed to making it that way! :-)))


Happy New Year hugs from Hester! I think I've giggled and guffawed this year more than ever due to the hilarity and fun on jigidi. Thanks Pat for spreading the smiles and love. :-))


And I wish you and Bent a wonderful new year as well, Hanne--thanks for a terrific 2012, sharing puzzles and comments and recipes and friendship!


The same to you Pat, do wish you happy and wonderful times full of joy and fun!! Thanks so very much!!


Thanks for explaining that to Mr. Bugosi, Katie...... Actually, for all I know, Bugosiland and Bonga Bonga have their own calendars, and it may very well be, say the year 213 there, depending upon which ancestor they start their count from.......

Thanks so much, Mary and Josie--I don't know why Jigidi felt the need to associate with Facebook--we have our own community here, and the bonds are much tighter and the friendships much closer, I think, than some of those on that site! Certainly we all share a mutual love for jigsaw puzzles, and there's a lot to that trait that makes for a common link, I believe..... :-)


Very sweet Pat, and thank you too, for the wonderful puzzles and a glimpse into your life too. Happy New Year, Josie


Hi Pat, I love this puzzle! I love your creativity and friendship! You've definitely helped this to be a fun year and I'm looking forward to the next!

Lela - New Year's Day is next Tuesday here too. We just need more than a day to express our joy and gratitude! I hope this explains.....


What a wonderful puzzle! I love the colors in your swirls! This was such a challenge that I won't even tell my solve time. LOL Thanks, Pat!


I find myself getting more and more the year over yet in some parts of the world?.......
(Here in Bonga-Bonga, January 1st. falls on the Tuesday)...........


Thanks so much, Faye (a/k/a precious pebble!)! I wish you and yours a wonderfully happy and healthy new year as well! :-)))


And a heart at the very centre! Speaks of you!

Thank you, Pat. I also thank you for your fun and friendship.

Have a happy, healthy 2013 filled with family, friends, and laughter! :D Faye


Thanks so very, very much, Ardy, PJ, Lela, Barb, Gail, and Ank!!! This past year has been the happiest I've had in a very long time, first from learning that I could create pleasing puzzles, and then, most especially, from meeting all of you through them, and through your own! This is such a wonderful community filled with great friends, and I am thankful for all of you! I hope your new years are happy and healthy and full of all the good things and people you love! :-)))


And you too Pat, thanks for the friendship, thanks for helping everyone with small things. Several times you did explain things to me. And I also saw that you did the same with other friends. Thanks for being so kind, thanks for your puzzles. I wish you all the best in the new year and send you a big hug.


This is a fun puzzle, Pat. Thank you for all your creative endeavors that we are privileged to enjoy. Happy New Year!


And thank you, Pat, for all your wonderful puzzles. Looking forward to lots more in the coming year. :-)


Happy New Year, pd-thingy, to you and yours!.....


Oh Pat, such a lovely and fun design, really enjoyable. You are quite enjoyable too, thanks for all fine contact in these last months.


A lovely, beautiful design made with your loving hearts, Pat. Thank you for the love and caring that comes through in all you do and say. May 2013 be much better, happier, and healthier than was 2012.