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Rutjebaecken, Sweden.

20 pieces
100 solves
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Dear friends - these are the last puzzles from us until some day in September when we'll see you again... We wish you a very wonderful summer...

- and this is one of the short ones...


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It's exactly so Ardy - when you go down to a place like this and it's hot summer - it's SO refreshing - thanks so very, very much dear . see you! Hugs . :)))

Yes it might very well be so - Ank and if the weather is warm there will be lots of people here lying as on a beach on their towels licking sun and taking a bath in 13-15 degree water... Thanks so very much - see you Hugs from both of us.. :)))

It will - and doesn't it??!!! - thanks so very much fodus:)))


Water will find a way.


So maybe pretty soon you sit there with your feet in the brook☺ Have a very beautiful vacation Hanne and Bent. Have a great time and return safe. See you in September. Hugs to both of you♥


A lovely, cooling spot for the summer. Thanks, Hanne & Bent. Have a good and safe and relaxing time. See you sometime in September. Love and hugs. Ardy


Thanks so very much jimbos - wish the same for you!!! See you... :)))


Enjoy yourselves. Have a great summer, thanks for the puzzles.