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Gradients for boring weekends :))) I

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Thanks to you Hester. It's good to know that you reacquainted yourself with some very old friends again and that they party you had together was a good one. LOL


Dagmar, this is such a clever puzzle and it's lovely to re acquaint ourselves with these old friends! I had a ball! Thankyou! :-))


I'm happy that you have found something to enjoy here, Deborah, and thanks for letting me know. You are always welcome. :))


Wonderful puzzle...thanks Dagmar! :)))


I'll sure watch out for your new puzzles, Gail - at least as soon as I find some time to do the watching LOL - and then I'll benefit from all you have learned and I'll soon be able to sove some wonderful puzzles that you made using your new program. I hope thay you enjoy experimenting as much as I do and I'm looking forward to seeing the results. :))
Thanks for your visit and I'm glad you enjoyed the results of my experiments. :)))


Hello Roerick3, many of these puzzles have been posted nearly a year ago and others never made it as singles but go nicely with the whole lot, so it's impossible for you to remember them :)))) Thanks for dropping by and your leaving your lovely comment. :))


Hi Ardy, yes I think sometimes, the puzzles with one piece one square are more difficult than the bigger sizes.
No mountains this weekend, a bit more work but not too much and definitely some playtime. :))) I suppose I wouldn't mind a boring weekend, but I then being bored doesn't go with my character LOL, I can't remember that I have ever been bored.
I'm glad that you enjoyed the puzzle and thanks for your visit. :)))


I'll be always happy to save you from boredom and it seems I managed to do so twice today I suppose 1:39 minutes wasn't enough LOL. I really think it is impossible to get bored here in Jigidi there is always something new to be done. Thanks for your double visit and have an agreeable weekend. :))


It's good to know that you found some old favourites, Kirsten and I'm glad that you had some fun solving them again. Now it's my turn for Friday evening and yours for your Jigidi Saturday. Have a wonderful weekend and relax as much as you can. :)))


What a great result from all your efforts, Dagmar. I love this puzzle.
Pretty soon, I'll be making more of this type of puzzle, like I used to. But so far, mine can't match yours. Once I learn my new program ~~ watch out!!!


Clever, clever puzzle and so much fun to do. I don't remember all of them as singles and there are so many beautiful singles. Great fun. Thanks.


Lovely fun, Dagmar. This is a kind of puzzle where more pieces might be easier. I may have to come back and try a larger one later. Are you off to the mountains? Whatever you do I hope you get some play time. Perhaps a boring weekend would be a treat?? Thanks, Dagmar. This is a total delight.


No weekend will be boring with puzzles like this to solve!!! Thanks so much Dagmar :~)


Oooh, some all-time favourites in there Dagmar! It's too hard to name them all, but take my word for it, there's a lot!!! Thank you so much. :)))

And just one more day of work for you, and you'll be entering your week-end too! Yippee!!


I'm glad you enjoyed yourself, Hawkatiel, you are always welcome. :))


I'm always happy to provide some fun for your Leet. :)))


Yes, I agree with leet!

Wow! Enjoying this puzzle....thanks for designing it.