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Theme: Sea Creature - Keyhole Urchin

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This is a Keyhole Urchin, the closest thing to a sand dollar on Jekyll. In fact, most people just call it a sand dollar. In this picture, it is also LIVING. Please don' t collect these unless they are dead. Last time I was there a man proudly told me he dug up 44 of them.... probably what encouraged me to write this!!


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Love Jekyll and also Sanibel. Glad you posted about not collecting living things.


Thanks, Ann. I agree! I think this has been a most enjoyable chain of comments. I'm glad you liked it, my friend!


Wonderful, Jill, this whole posting with its message & comments. Thank you...............




Oh, it must be so very "big" to stand with one in your hands!! - and put it down again!! We saw in the videos how the spines moved and how the animals moved on them!! It's really amazing. Thanks so very much Jill!! We have become richer I think!!


Hanne, I am so happy that I was able to lead you and Bent to an awareness of these fascinating creatures! As living creatures they appear as little humps in the sand indicating their presence. After they die, their skeletal remains, or test, is white and is on the surface of the sand. The latter is what can be collected; however, many people dig them up and take them home, hopefully not realizing they are alive. After they decay, people throw them out because of the odor. You can handle them when they are alive. They are hard and stiff, no flexibility. You can see the little spines moving on their underside. They are truly amazing! You are most welcome, my friend!


Jill, they are fabulous!! We've never heard about them, but now we have seen many videos with them!! SO AWFULLY INTERESTING! Do you harm them if you take them up?? Thanks so very much for showing!!


Thank you very much, Jo. That was my thinking at the time and I appreciate your realizing it. Can you imagine what happened next? After he left, I pointed out some of the urchins and crabs habitating shells and educated the little ones, ages 4 and 6, and we gathered them and tossed them into the ocean. I love being a grandmother and being able to see the wonder in their little eyes!.... :-))


Some people just don't have a clue. And if you confront them with the facts, your wrong and their right! You were right Jill to protect your grandbabies from a possible negative confrontation with an obvious nut!! You go girl!! :)


Thank you, Robyn! Judging by your puzzles, you would care also! I'm glad you found this interesting!.... :-)))


Good for you, peggysuss! Had I not had the grandbabies with me, I imagine I would have given him a " science lesson" ! I'm glad that you do that!


Thanks, marisela. I can't take credit for it. I imagine another member of the National Speleological Society, long before I was caving, came up with this creed. I love it too!


Madmaxi, I had the grandbabies with me and didn't respond. I wish you had been there, overheard him, and had given him the response he needed!.. :-))


Very interesting - thanks for caring!!


I agree & twice on the beach here in Fl. We`ve gone after people that have tried to take living creatures. Made them let them go :-)

I love your motto "Leave nothing but footprints, take nothing but pictures, and kill nothing but time.

lovely pic and i hope you told him what for i would :-))


You are very welcome, twoclubs. I'm glad you like it. I used to be an avid caver... our motto: "Leave nothing but footprints, take nothing but pictures, and kill nothing but time. That applies to a lot of situations. On the beach, however, you can collect the shells and skeletons of these urchins at Jekyll Island.


Lovely picture of it and I am agreement not to take anything living from anywhere. Thanks art4.