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Friendly T-shirt for pumpkinhead and scared friends.

12 pieces
95 solves
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Thanks Glad, sure is.

Ok GS, yes they are talented artisis, thanks.

Glad you like it PKH, I don't remember mine too often, thanks.

Thanks PK.

Glad to hear it Hanne, thanks.

I bet you do R3, sounds like a wonderful hybrid, thanks.

Yes she was yellow, thanks.

Right snooker, for special occasions! Thanks.

Beautiful, Robbie. This must be your dress shirt. :)

I'm thinking this is the only one I'd consider wearing . . . it's the most friendly! All the others are just perfect for you, lucky man, Mrs. Santa was good to you!!


Looks a lot like the hybrid I had for years-half Large Alaskan malamute and half wolf. Those eyes have never left me--plus the warmth he always shared when he sat on my feet. I really miss him.


I LOVE that on!! Reminds me of our husky!! Her great-grandfather was an Alaskan wolf!! Wonderful dogs/wolves!! Thanks so very much Robbie!!


This one is very pretty....


Awww....thank you Robbie! This guy can share a hiking trail with me anytime. Who could resist those blue eyes?
I did not have nightmares of creatures; my dreams were sweet ones, but I don't remember what they were!


I wouldn't like to be "up close and personal" with any of the characters featured on your Tshirts in real life Robbie, but as Gladstone says, the art work on them is amazing.


Nice artwork.


Don't be fooled Mimi, he can bite too! Thanks.

You sure Ank? Ok if that's what you want, tomorrow. Thanks.

At least you liked one BJ, but you notice that most comments are with the TEETH??!!! Thanks.


Like this the best.


Love this Robbie. Please wear it, make a photo and post it.


Awww......good doggie!