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Kaleidos made from ...... Diamonds: Birthstones for April!! ~ One Carat

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Happy Birthday to all the Jigidiers who have birthdays in April!! Diamonds are YOUR birthstone.

I made these kaleidoscopes from freely available images of coloured diamonds. I use a variety of programs to make my kaleidoscopes, recolour the backgrounds and assemble them into a collage. Each 3x3 collage takes around 2 hours to make.

It gives me immense pleasure making them, and I hope it gives you pleasure solving them. :-)

And a message to my regular solvers - our Daylight Savings Time finishes tonight, here in Melbourne, Australia. So from tomorrow, my puzzles will be posted an hour later than they currently are. Until October, anyway!


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The ones you love would make excellent brooches, Nicky!! And I would love to see yours too. :)))


Oh Wow! What a selection! I love all of these, but my favs are top left and right, and bottom middle. I love brooches (will have to photograph them for jigidi sometime!) and some of these would make gorgeous ones.


Thanks LJ! What a lovely thing to say. I'm really happy that you like them so much. :)))


Oh, Gwen! Your comments always put a big smile on my face. I hope my puzzles give YOU, as much pleasure as your comments give ME. Then we're square! LOL Thank you! :)))


These are so pretty, Kirsetn. You do a great job!


I absolutely love these, Kirsten. I think the middle right is my favourite for today. As for creatures, well, I see green puppy dogs top left and angry looking cat like faces top right.


Thanks Barbara!! I regard myself as VERY lucky to be visited by such a wonderful bunch of people. Who leave interesting, funny and warm comments. It's a part of what I love so much about Jigidi. I could NEVER be a puzzle maker who didn't encourage or enjoy comments. It kind of feels like a neighbourhood cafe where all the locals pop in for a cuppa and a natter. I LOVE IT!!

And I also love that we all like different things. For me, it means that in a 3x3, all of the individual kaleidos get some love. And it also means that no matter what I make the kaleidos from, or the tones, someone always loves them! Yay!! :)))


Thanks so much PJ!! You have an amazing eye for art, I think. That middle right one reminds me of an impressionist painting, and I love that you love it! Thanks again!! :)))


Thanks leet! You know, some things are worth savouring. Like a good meal. Why rush it? Much better to enjoy every mouthful! And you know I can't take the credit for the settings of these. That comes from the images that I used. So yay for the jewellers who make such beautiful things that I can kaleido! I'm sooo glad you enjoyed this one, leet. :)))


Oh, you're making me blush Katie!! Thanks!! And I love coloured stones too - not so much the precious ones , but more the semi-precious. Which is why I really, really like that top middle one too. Could we share it? :))))


Oh, Pat! Don't worry about it - it's all good. It's hard sometimes to keep up with everyone's names. I keep a list by my computer to help me out. LOL


Beautiful, I love your puzzles and reading all the comments, I always wonder what makes us like different things, my favorite is top left.


Oh, utterly sparking, what a collection of beauties. Kirsten - it's difficult to decide - but my fave this time is the middle right, I really like that composition.

Your diamonds are so beautiful! I've spent far more time enjoying them than doing your puzzle. Such wonderful colors and settings. Thank you.


These are absolutely stunning Kirsten! I love precious gems of most all types and colored diamonds are magnificent! My favorites here are top middle and bottom middle. Thanks!


Sorry Kirsten my mistake.. just wasn't thinking....


I think I have the patience of a saint, but I think if you asked Duncan, he wouldn't agree! LOL They don't know how lucky they are, do they? LOLOL

And now I have to get to bed. I have to be up at 6 am tomorrow for my Sunday morning job! Hope you get your internet soon, and have a great day. See ya tomorrow. An hour later than normal :)))


Then all I can say is poor you and you must be a very patient person. I don't suffer in silence well and only do so because he's only here on weekends.


LOL Edie! He sounds just like Duncan!! :-DDD


I knew there were pink and blue diamonds but hadn't heard of the others. Thanks for the link. I'm surprised he hasn't come downstairs yet to see what the problem is. I bet he just goes back to sleep and hopes its resolved when he wakes up again. Men!


How annoying Edie! But I love your revenge!! LOL Now that's the kind of thing I would do! Hee, hee!!

And these are coloured diamonds! They come in an amazing range of colours! The white ones, are neither my personal style, nor very good for kaleidos. Have a look here, at the incredible colours they come in:


I've been up for half an hour but can't get Internet connection except on my iPad. I swear it has to do with OH being home and downloading. He claims it doesn't. So now I can sit here and admire these but not solve them. I'm amazed at the colour selection you can get from diamonds. I would have thought they would be looking more like crystal. Anyway they are all beautiful and I'll have to wait until I see them larger to pick a favourite. Thank you Kirsten.
P.S. I've unplugged his Internet so if I can't have he can't either. Hehe
And Ardy- Good n' Plenty, Good n' Plenty, Choo Choo


Thanks Pat! So glad you like them. :)))

And psssst. I'm Kirsten! LOL


I'm a bit fond of that bottom left, for all the same reasons Rosie! I'm so glad you enjoyed it. :))))

But I'm sorry to hear about your insomnia. I hope that you can now get to sleep, and it's a nice long one. :)))


I thought you might recall that when I posted this puzzle, Ardy. My timing's a little out with this one. These days I like to post the birthstone puzzles on the first day of the month, or nearest I can get to it. But pesky ol' Easter got in the way, this time. And I do remember your comment. That puzzle actually still exists - it hasn't yet been gobbled up by Jigidi's voracious archiver. LOL

I'm very glad that you felt brave enough to comment! It's led to a lovely friendship, that I value very much. :))))

And I kinda thought that those three might be your faves.

I don't think those Good-n-plentys made their way here. That doesn't sound at all familiar to me. And I too remember the discussion about what humbugs would be called in the US. And the confusion with Bah, Humbug" from Dickens' , A Christmas Carol is even referenced under the Wikipedia reference for Humbugs!

I will be off in about an hour. Although I've already solved Junes and Barbs. So I might make a start on tomorrow's puzzle. Or at least have a play around and see what the concept looks like. Thanks for my nightly hugs. I do enjoy them. And loving hugs back. ((HUGS))


Thanks Mandy These are beautiful...


I'll be different because I like the bottom left. To me it's the most elegant and simple and that's what I like in jewelry. They are all beautiful but the gold with the yellow diamonds is stunning. I am also drawn to the black---simple colors and design. Thanks for a stunning puzzle again. Have a good sleep which is what I'm going to try to do now. It's 5AM and I haven't slept yet. I hate having insomnia. Rosie


Good evening, Kirsten. Does this ever bring back memories of last year. It was the end of the month that you posted the birthstone puzzle and I found the courage to comment. Thank you again for your reply. It really made me a fan of yours. These are beautiful. The top left has a full choir . The men are in the inner circle with their heads toward the center. They are dressed in long deep purple robes with off-white choir stoles and light purple feet. The women are in light olive green robes with their heads toward the outer edge and have dark purple feet. No secret to what they are singing. It's Happy Birthday, of course. Hard to pick favorites here. For now I'll take the top left, the middle and the middle right. Perhaps I'll add more later. Thank you, my dear friend, for these beauties. I know I share these with at least two others that I visit regularly.

I was reading yesterday's comments and was reminded of Good-n-plenty. They were licorice with candy coating. They were oblong - maybe about 2 cm. and covered in either pink or white (like M & M's) and came in a box. I loved those. I think in the US that Humbugs would just be called hard candy. I remembered your humbugs from last fall and the discussion about the confusion with "Bah, Humbug" from Dickens' , A Christmas Carol.

The clock is telling me that it's time to wish you a good night. Even though you gain an hour tonight you still have to be up early tomorrow. To make the night really good you also need sweet dreams and start off with loving ((HUGS))


Oooh - I really like that top middle too, Gwen! I ike the way it nearly looks like a ball! And the colours. And it's my pleasure making them! :))) See you in 25 hours! LOL


What a nice collection of jewels for the April birthday puzzlers! My favorite is the top middle.

Thanks for putting this together and for the heads-up on the time change. Have a great weekend.