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Smallest house in Great Britain

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Wow, Mandy! You wouldn't want to be trying to move a grand piano into one of those houses! And it would be a no-go area for Billy Bunter!! LOL


LOL - Sorry Hester, my tired eyes misread the address - you're so right Conway would be a long detour - but I'm in Sussex, so its probably about the same distance to Conway as it is to Cornwall - its a shame my daughter no longer works in Denbigh, I could have visited her and combined the trip!!! My bedsit was in Exeter - host to the narrowest street in the world!! LOL


Monza....It's in Conway, N. Wales! If you're looking for it in Cornwall you'll have to make one heck of a detour!! LOL
I had one of those bedsit rooms too, in Edinburgh. Not enough room to swing a teddybear! Hester


I never saw this before, so I'm very interested - next time I visit Cornwall I will have to see it. I remember my first bedsit when I was a student... many decades ago, it measured exactly 10' x 6', and I lived in it for nearly a year, it was under the eaves, so I could only stand up on one side of the room!!


Not a chance! I am highly claustrophobic! But, this is such a great puzzle!!!


Jan, it adjoins Conway Castle walls and yes, I visited it a year ago. It even made ME feel big! LOL You can't stand in the upstairs and have to view it from the steps. My goddaughter is 6' tall and couldn't stand straight. Can you imagine living that way! x


It may be the smallest house in Great Britain. But, it is beautifully situated. What is that imposing stone and brick building behind it?

Have you ever been inside, Hester? This is a wonderful puzzle.
Thanks, BBM, for the history, too!


Interestisng photo Freddy. Blackberrymuffin, I enjoyed the details.


I just copied it from Wikipedia, Hester, no big deal. Interesting little place tho, thanks for the puzzle.


Thanks blackberrymuffin! I forgot to put the location on the title and hadn't got round to filling in the details! It's very kind of you to save my tired typing fingers! :-)) Hester


Freddy, I've taken liberties here but thought other might want to know where this is:
The Smallest House in Great Britain, also known as the Quay House, is a tourist attraction on the quay in Conwy, Wales. The house, which has a floor area of 3.05 metre by 1.8 metre (10 feet by 6 feet)[1] and a height of 10 feet 2 inches[2], was used as a residence from the 16th century until 1900; as its name indicates, it is reputed to be Britain's smallest house.

The house was lived in until 1900, when the owner was a 6ft 3 inch (1.9 meters) fisherman named Robert Jones. The rooms were too small for him to stand up in fully and he was eventually forced to move out when the council declared the house unfit for human habitation. The house is still owned by his descendants.