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For Ladywil

36 pieces
200 solves
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I found your comment, Ladywil. My puzzles can be either 36 or 49 (any square number). What do you like best?


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You are welcome, Edie:)


Had this bookmarked and just went back for it. Glad I did, I really enjoyed it. Thanks Gail


I prefer 36...specially when I have sore hands/fingers


This one draws me right into its center!


Looking forward to it..Thank you.


I'm glad you liked this size, Ladywil. It does seem like a lot of people like it. I will try to post puzzles like this in several sizes.

Diane, you are welcome. It's still cold here, too, but the soon is out, so that helps:) Yesterday it actually got above freezing!


TThis was a great puzzle to solve. Love the colors and shapes. Thank you . DIANE FROM STILL COLD N.J.


When it is done and comes on the screen, it is really beautiful..
And as you can see from the number of solves. this smaller size is very popular. I hope you will post some more this size.
Thanks for thinking of me.


Thank you, Pinknblack.
Barb, I might do like Troubleatthemill does and post a smaller size as a private puzzle--that's if and when I have time.


Love the colours and great design.


Gail, I did notice you often post 36 piece collages and if I'm running low on time, I'll do them instead of the 81 piece. Thanks so much for trying to accommodate all the different tastes. :-)


Thanks for mentioning it, Barb. I try to post larger puzzles made from collages under Gaillou and the smaller ones under Gailarino. I may post some of these in several sizes, too.


I think I solved this in a larger size a couple of days ago but must admit to liking the smaller sizes for single kaleidos (either 49 or 36). For the 3 x 3 collages I enjoy the 81 piece puzzles. Hope you don't mind me mentioning it, Gail, thanks. :-)
Have a super weekend!