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time for more flowers. lunie posted one of these about a week ago and graciously allowed me to use her identification. Solandra maxima, also known as cup of gold vine, golden chalice vine, or Hawaiian lily,
i think it's just beautiful.


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Actually that's a GREAT idea! I don't know why I didn't think of it myself! I think my friends would love to travel with me. We could go in together on a rental of one of those traveling trailers, I forget what their called, and we would have a ball!!! Hugs, Monica ♥☺


i thought it was a tree, suzy, it was so thick and lush.


maybe you need to visit occasionally monica. i always travel with my bff since neither of our husbands is interested.


So pretty the way the flowers are catching the light-and the blue sky is a great backdrop for them. Thanks, jacki!


I was born in California, I wish I could go back, but my husband likes it here in Las Vegas. They have the prettiest flowers there....Monica ☺


me too, patti. the flowers in warm climates are so exotic and beautiful to me. i suppose we have flowers that would thrill someone who has never seen them before.


it was beekay. i was surprised when lunie described hers as a vine. i love the shiny leaves, too.


really sis? might be the first time i posted a flower that was new to you. yay! yes, this was up against one of the buildings there. i thought it was a tree.


i agree ardy. they are lovely and huge too,


Oooh, I like these!


Yes, it is a very pretty flower It's so thick it looks more like a bush in the photo. Very lush.


The first time i saw this was when you posted one photo you took in Hawaii Sis. So they were also in Balboa Park too?


It is a beautiful flower. Thanks, Jacki. So nice to see it again.