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Believe . . . . . . .

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I do!


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Yes, that's how it should be!........


Thank you, Lela. I love Jigidi and want it to be my happy place where friendly people can say happy things to one another and have FUN!


Well said, pinknblack!........Far too many people try and impose their opinions on others........


Promising is good at this time of year. I got to be outside in capris and sandals for the first time this year. Yea!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I'm still waiting for spring in central Ohio. There are a few signs - the leaves of bulb flowers have come up, so it's promising!


Buckeye, thanks for you positive remarks, they are appreciated. Enjoy this glorious weekend. Spring is finally in my world.


Thanks for this adorable puzzle! I agree completely with your response to Lil Midge.


Pat, thanks for your vote of fun and happiness at a time when this world can use all we can get.


Lil Midge, I, also believe in Jesus. But, I also believe that we should seek the good and happy things in life. And, there is a time and a place to preach, and it isn't to your friends when they haven't encouraged you to come in with a negative attitude and a putdown on their fun to show your religious side. Jesus is in my heart and the Easter Bunny represents the love my parents gave me in a form of happiness and fun when I was a child, the same I gave to my children and they are now giving to their children. Going to church as a family every week doesn't mean we can't have some fun in life.

"Just because something isn't ture doesn't mean we can't believe..." My favorite quote from the Movie Second Hand Lions.


I'll go with the bunny--very cute! :-)))


I Jesus' crucifixion and resurrection, not some rabbit