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Ceiling Detail (Difficult, probably)

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This was taken on the second floor of the Lincoln, NE, capitol building. I was (and still am) in awe of all the masonry work on the building. I took dozens of pictures of details. I love the building!


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I am adoring this one from afar! It has such amazing detail. I can see why you admire it so much. That kind of workmanship is always wonderful to see! Thanks, JC


Alright,alright! I've done it :-) Wasn't as hard as I thought it was going to be... probably :-))

Love the vaulted ceiling. I can see why you were enthralled by it. I'll look forward to more shots - ice free top floor next time, maybe!


Good for you, Pat! I love doing the fun-size puzzles of our personal lives but I also, love to have a challenge, too.


It really wasn't as hard as I though it would be... just took longer than I wanted but what the heck.. it was fun...


Quit whining, Foxy and just do it. It's not as difficult as some of yours!

Thanks, Pat! It was fun! As Sue and I were touring the building, I kept thinking, "This would make a great puzzle!" everywhere I looked. I changed batteries on my camera part way through! When I go back, I will have to take more pictures!
BTW, the top floor wasn't open due to ice! Plus it was 10F the day we were there!


Fun fun fun ... very good puzzle.... thanks


Probably? Probably??

Yeah, right! And I'm the Queen of Sheba :-)

Bookmarked for when I have three hours to spare, mate!