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Winniweta Falls Trail

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Winniweta Falls Trail in Jackson, New Hampshire

Hiked into Winniweta Falls last week. It's a short 1 mile hike along Miles brook to the top of the falls. There are a numer of small cascades, plunges, and many slides over rocks along the way. The lower falls drop about 40 feet in one continuous bout, whereas the upper falls are a terraced series of horsetails and small plunges totaling about 20 feet in height.
Unfortunately there wasn't any safe way to get a good photograph of the lower falls. This photograph shows the upper falls.


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LOVE the beauty of your nature pictures.
Thanks, Beekay.


Best to know ones limits Lunie...

Most welcome Patti!

Thank you so much Nette♥

We have never had any problems Randi. The problem bears are those which have learned dumpsters, birdfeeders and camps have tasty food. These are issues that can and should be addressed.

It was sweet Lorna!

I get to see such beautiful places while getting some exercise Maureen. Who needs a stuffy old gym LOL♥

Yes it is Wendy!

My posting time is rather erratic this summer Ardy. So much to do and the days are never long enough!!


Lovely shot, BeeKay. Thanks. It was so late when I saw these last night they got bookmarked. Like your description too., ♥


Very beautiful.............Wendy


Beautiful scenery Beekay ! You sure are very active,no need for a gym,which is in vogue
here. Love the water falling on the rocks. Hugs ❤️❤️❤️


Such a pretty place and amazing you didn't encounter another living soul there; that is my kind of place!

So picturesque and peaceful. Perfect for a refreshing walk. Do you have to be "on alert for bears" in that area? Seems they are getting more plentiful and coming in close contact with people in a lot of places.
Other than that I love those nature trails.


Great photo BK! ♥♥♥


Beautiful! Thank you BeeKay!


too bad, we can't see the lower falls but this is enough to tell us how lovely it is there, BK.


It was a very nice little hike Jacki and never met another soul on the trail that day.


The rock might be one I spent some time sitting on smllpkg. There are also some nice deep pools for swimming which I can recommend for their refreshing qualities ;-)))


Great trail, BeeKay! beautiful falls. Thanks!


If it's time for a break, I see a nice flat topped rock I can sit on and put my sore feet in the water.