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The beauty of science

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That is a funny coincidence, thank you for sharing!

I do love science. My dream job would be a forensic investigator or a medical examiner. Puts my two loves together: science and solving puzzles!


I saw this jigsaw puzzle, and with my eyes I just assumed it
was a patchwork quilt. Well, it might well be, but I wouldn't
want to sleep under it. I just read your comment below, and
thought, funny she says she loves science, and last night on
David Letterman, he had a sketch about science, and asked
the audience, "How many people liked Science?", and I guess
they must have raised their hand, I was sort of dozing in and
out. And then I read what you wrote askidmore1, and thought
that was an interesting coincidence. Then I took a look a little
more closely at your puzzle, and realized that it was bacteria.
Gave me a chuckle, so I just had to share this with you.
Come visit my puzzles again, I enjoyed having you, and visiting
you also.


Thank you. I never have time to make my own puzzles, but I really enjoy taking a break from work to do a few of them on this site. I had a few minutes this morning and thought it was cool to have such pretty looking bacteria. I love science!!


Ty. :)

Cool puzzle.