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A Basket of Tapestry Crosses - Brights

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My daughter stitches the little pockets, I stitch them together and make the crosses. It gives us something to do during the evenings while watching tv!


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Thanks to you both. I went to the funeral which was a pagan one - a first for me - it was beautiful. Her husband wasn't there as he wouldn't understand why he was there. He things his mother is his wife. He doesn't know yet that she's gone. It's so tragic. Just when i thought I'd got most of life's scenarios either sussed or under my belt, another unbelieveable one comes up and bites you! I've accepted she's gone now, and the situation. She would have loved the funeral we gave her. I like to think there is more than just this life, but sometimes I wonder. My little cat, although a right mardy mare at times (!!) is giving me a lot of comfort. It's nice to have a friend. Thank you both for your kind thoughts and support - very much appreciated. It's amazing that friends I've never even met face to face, that live across the other side of the world can give this support. Thank you.


Nicky, I'm so very sorry to learn about your best friend and her husband. Healer, I likewise want to wish you condolences on the loss of your husband. Life plays tricks on all of us sometimes.


Oh Nicky, I'm so sorry for your loss as well.
How sad for the both of them. Life can change in a twinkling of an eye. Shock really does set in.

We knew my husband wasn't well with different issues for a couple of years, but I didn't expect like what happened. I do know there is more than just this life, and I'll see him again.
Take care, and I wish your friends husband well.


Unreal is something I can identify with... My best friend's husband was rushed to hospital with a brain anneurysm 6wks ago. She was visiting him every day, got the flu which developed into a chest infection, which developed into pneumonia. She passed away two days ago. I cannot believe it has happened. How two people's lives can change in such little time is beyond me. Nothing makes sense anymore. It's why I haven't been online over the last few days. She was so afraid of dying, and we had many an in depth conversation about it. She was only in her early forties with a lot left to give and live. I don't understand. Her husband's still in hospital but his mental state is such that he may not know she's gone - some days he would recognise her, some days not. I don't suppose he'l ever know who I am again either. As I said, I don't understand...


Nikki, thank you so much for your kind words. I do feel him, and hope he's found the peace that he needed. The last two and a half years have been so hard on him, and the pain he has endured. His last five days were spent in the ICU after being Care Flighted to a large hospital. One of my neighbors rode with me on the hour and a half drive it took me to get there. Our oldest daughter who lives in the same town as the hospital, heard Care Flight go over her house, called me while I was driving to get there, she said, "Daddy's here."
It's all so unreal....................


Hello Again Faye - it would be good if you could kindly do that for me as I don't have any 'blue'! I did put a note on Healer's last puzzle which was last month to say that I have posted a comment on my tapestry cross & pockets puzzle and that I hoped she would be able to locate and read it. Thanks again. Blessings, Nicky.


What people usually do is type a message on the person's last posted many have done in this case. You can cut this message (highlight in blue and drag it off to the side of your screen), then bring up Healer's last puzzle and click on the comment bar. Drag the comment from the side of your screen into the comment box and click off the "blue". You could then edit the message directly to Jeannie and "post". If this is a problem let me know and I'll certainly post it for you. Faye


Thank you Ank - we do like to curl up with a blanket each, watch our favourite tv progs and stitch away! As you say, it is nice to stitch together because my daughter never really got into stitching the tapestry pictures like I did! Sending Blessings to you across the water, Nicky.


I am so very sorry to hear that, Faye. She will feel the loss very keenly of such a close life partner and soul mate. It's never easy to accept that everything must pass away and that everything must change, die and renew. I hope she can find hope and comfort in knowing that the spirit of the universe, (God, or however we choose to address him/her/it) is holding all things. Our sorrow is never in vain. I believe that all things (good and bad) work together for ultimate good, and I hope that in time when the pain eases she will see that. He is not gone, he has just stepped into another dimension, and they will be reunited when it's her turn to pass from this world. I know how in tune she is with nature and natural things so, if she can move through her sorrow and tune in to the natural and spiritual world, she may very well find a connection with him eventhough he has had to pass from this life at this time. Please can you pass this on to her as I'm not sure I'd be able to type it all out again - I just went with the flow (I know you and she will know what I mean!) Meanwhile, I am sending good vibes of Strength, Peace, Wisdom and Hope, across the water and through the stratosphere to her, for distance is no boundary for like-minded people. All these words I have typed are for you, dear Healer/Jeannie. Never lose hope sweet one - allow yourself to mourn, but be very happy and feel very blessed that you both met in this world at this particular time. My thoughts and prayers are with you my dear friend. Sleep easy in the knowledge that your loved one is safe and happy and just waiting for the time whenever that may be in the future when you will cross into his dimension. Blessings, Nicky (niccolino).


Nicky...Healer/Jeannie just left me a message and as you have commented a lot on her puzzles, I thought that you might like to offer a word of comfort as Jeannie's husband passed away on the 25th. So sad. Faye


They look lovely, it must be nice to work together.


The wording is a little verse called, 'The Cross in My Pocket'. We give some of these to charity, and sell a few to recoup our materials costs. They are done on rigid plastic canvas. My daughter has great fun choosing the colour combinations - some for girl/boy christenings, confirmations, ordinations, Easter, Christmas, bridesmaids, pageboys, etc! Great fun!


Love the bright ones. What's the wording on the paper insert? I think this is great. Thank you, Nicky.