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Hibiscus Flower

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This is the Perennual kind of hibiscus that dies back to the ground every year and has 6 inch flowers. It was growing in a protected area at the beach.


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Beautiful flower .....just them but it is to bad they don't last long like a few other plants that have a short blossom time.....thanks for sharing with us warbler :)))


Hibiscus flowers are soooo beautiful and it is such a shame that the flower has such a short life


It's a beauty warbler. Thanks


The flowers are really impressive, Rob, sometimes 10-12 open at once but they only last a couple of days each.


I've never heard of this type warbler - we just have the regular shrub type here. I love the colour - thanks.


Its one of mine, too, anitas. We have a little black beetle that can decimate them, but soapy water sprayed on them from a spray bottle really does the trick on those little rascals.


I'm glad yours made it Tex. And thanks for coming by.


One of my favorite flowers


This is so pretty. Well I left mine outside and they froze, so I thought they were goners. And guess what? I went outside today and they're putting on new green leaves!! My lucky day! It's supposed to be 75 tomorrow--dreaded summer is on the way! Thanks, nice jig.