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Christmas bell pull 1 of 6

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This thread count embroidery was done by my friend, Helen. Working on the dark green was a real challenge. This is the first of six sections.

Design by Clara Weaver Copenhagen, Denmark


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Thanks, Barb. This hangs opposite the noel latchhook on the archway between the living room and dining room.


Thanks for sharing this with us, Ardy. As Robbie says, a nice tribute to Helen.
Now I'm going to do the next in the series. :-)


Thanks Robbie. I did much better when I had to adjust distance, focus, f-stops and could hold the camera against my face to steady it!


Thanks for showing this Ardy, a nice tribute to your dear friend. I must admit that I find it hard getting shots lined up and the right light etc. Reading the manual is like deciphering a foreign language and if I press a button it sends everything wonky!! I shoot on automatic and hope for the best! You did a good job.


Thanks, Pat. Got to get the rest of this out of the camera!


Very pretty Ardy ...


Thanks Dagmar. I'll get some more of this up tomorrow.


I like the bit of "the glow in the windows to light the night", when you think how dark places where before electricity, a candle in a window must have been very inviting to people outside. Thanks for a little warm glow in my night. :)) See you tomorrow. :))


Thanks, Jan. Hope to put up some more of it tomorrow.


I think it's lovely, anyway, Ardy!
The windows and the little house are darling. Thanks so much!


Thanks for coming by Hanne. I didn't post quite as early today as I have had trouble getting the top of this photographed in focus. I've tried three times before but the image was always blurred. This one did better. I waited until last evening and had only artificial light. Seemed to work much better.


Yes, it must be something quite different - and a bit difficult when you are used to the mostly white linen. Thanks so very much Ardy!!


Your are very welcome Ank. Unfortunately she died 8 years ago after a 7 years problem with Alzheimers. She would have been 100 years old this year.


Well also Helen knows how to make beautiful things. Give her my compliments. Thanks Ardy.