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Black Point Mansion was put on the National Register of Historic Places in 1994 for its immaculate preservation over the past 120 years, and just last summer it was made a museum. Inside and outside, the original owner's heirs barely touched it. Finally, after a decade-long legal debate on what to do with this Wisconsin time capsule, owner Bill Petersen was able to fulfill his mother's wishes to have her home transformed into a museum.

It begins with the story of Conrad Seipp, a German immigrant who found his American dream in brewing - his business was once the fifth most successful brewery in the country. Conrad Seipp Brewing Co. escaped the devastation of the 1871 Great Chicago Fire, and he planted a chunk of his fortune early on in 28 acres of Geneva's south shore.
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Wow!! That's beautiful. : ))


No Toto. We are only allowed to go through the first two floors. :(


Are we climbing the tower?


how magnificent!


LOL Janet. This was only their summer home. They had another mansion in Chicago.
No Lunie but I don't know why they only had the one bathroom. Probably had to do with plumbing back then.
Right Marry, Sounds like the way to go to me!


And the visitors still spent all those months there... It's a bit like luxury camping :-)


Was water a problem then?


Fabulous photo thanks Lyndee, and what an interesting history. I don't think I'd be bathing in the lake in winter! hugs.


Only Conrad and Catherine were allowed to use the bathroom. Everyone else had to use a chamber pot and they had to bathe in the lake.


Another product of being Deutsch Gründlischkeit Marry!


You just answered my question from the last puzzle. :)
I am going to have to check this out.


I guess sanitary habits have changed a lot since then, lyndee. It must have suited them in their era.


1888 Snooker, so not extremely old I guess.
Thanks Marry. They added a small building to the side which they put bathrooms in for the public but otherwise, this 13 bedroom had only one bathroom!


This is a treasure, lyndee... Original inside and out :-)

It doesn't look old - rather modern actually.

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