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Paper wasp nest I cut out of the wetlands today

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It finally quit raining for a bit and I walked down in the wetlands to see what the weather change was doing there. I saw this paper wasp nest hanging from a dead maple limb. It was too cool, and never having seen one close up before, I cut it off with my pruners and brought it into the sun room. A photo of the inside is coming next.


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Thanks chickie, photo. This is the first one I ever found that I could reach easy like.


I guess you checked to make sure that it was empty? Berry cool and if you spray it with some clear spray it will stay that way for a long time. Great find.


LOL warbler. I think they are pretty cool. I used to have one and don't know where it is now.


Thanks for the concern lyndee. After taking the ow! photo ow! ow! of it(just kidding) it went to the garage.


Taking it into your sunroom seem a little risky warbler. Hope your next puzzle isn't one of you swatting wasp! LOL