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Monday Flower

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Oh, thank you for explaining, Jan! :-)


Oh, Wendy, I never expected anyone to be surprised, so it took me a little off guard ....


Oh, Jan....there's an incredible amount of stress in the US....and for reasons that I don't think you have much in Norway.

I'm not sure what you're asking when you said "what about "Holy Cow!" but it's an expression of surprise (something that is unexpected).


Wendy - what about "Holy Cow! " ? As in other small western European countries - the necsessity to learn other languages is high.


Officially.Yes. The ones with high income can have their cake and eat it too!
Then there are the rest of us. The expectations are higher: there is high competition, high stress and an ever increasing quest for quality. What we need is time - and for some geogrphical / sprirtual reason, we cannot buy time. There are all kinds of individuals, just like in all other countries .


LOL! You must have retyped your message!


Norway. I wrote the comment in English in Word - and for some unknown "Jigidi reason" these " " " marks became ? ? ? when I copied the sentences into Jigidi.


Jan, then if I remember correctly, you live in the country that's the top country to live in in the world according to the United Nations Development Program. I used to post on some political websites where quality of living was discussed and Norway was at the top in all the years I was posting there.

I tried to post a message to someone who I think is Lithuanian and just about every other letter was a question mark. At least I can totally understand what you said. :-)


Jan, how on earth did all those question marks appear? I know that translations from certain languages can do that, but English to English? LOL!

Holy Cow! Are you from Finland or Norway??????? I just took a peek at your puzzles for the first time!


Great puzzles ? but the delightful, funny, friendly and ?other? comments makes Jigidi almost ?addictive?. Every day brings new, unexpected and entertaining puzzles ? and ditto comments.


Kathy, since I neglected to say thank you for your very nice compliment, I dedicated a portion of a puzzle to you today. (see previous comment). ;-)


Pat, Katie, Ardy, Mandy, Jan, Mary, whatnauts, Mazda, and Kathy- I made you lovely young ladies a puzzle using my Wendy_13 alias today. :-)


The simplicity draws you in and you are rewarded with a delight of shades and hues that compliment each other and play off one another. Bold but delicate all in one!!!


Jeepers...OK, I'm going to make another puzzle too because too many flowers in one puzzle leads to a degradation of image quality. So somehow I'm going to fit you (Mary, whatnauts and Mazda) into one of the two or three puzzles I make for tomorrow. Oh, 8 people- two puzzles with four flowers each seems the way to go. :-)



Simply stunning :)


Can't get enough of the wonderful Wendy flowers for my daily dance! The Monday dance was very good because I have the whole week off work as vacation days! 4:22 This one was just perfect! Thanks, Wendy!


Oh, dear! I'm thinking that I'll make one tomorrow that's dedicated to all of you!
So- Pat, Katie, Ardy, Mandy, and Jan will all be in the title! :-)


A flower bright enough to cheer up the whole week! Love the design and the colors.


Gorgeous Wendy, that deep red and the gold are truly lovely together, and the touch of purple just adds a bonus :)) Thanks


Beautiful, Wendy. More of these would be most welcome. Thanks.


I'll see what I can do, Katie. ;-)


Stunning! Pat got it just right. Thanks Wendy! I'll be so very happy with more like this.


Pat, I made more like this one....but because I just made this shortly before posting my puzzles, I didn't have time to put them all together into a bundle. I might post more tomorrow...because they really are cool. :-)
Anyway, thank you! :-)


A true autumn beauty! I hope they grow as big as the giant sunflowers do--I can just imagine these up against our wooden fence, with their reflections in the little pond in front--gorgeous!