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Growly seeking sanctuary

48 pieces
36 solves
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I left you a message on Growly's new puzzle....and then I looked it up, and the show was called Hollywood Squares...


Hester, first do the other puzzle....and then this one. :-)
And thank you so much!


Oh, Great! Tell me what you think of this-

I'll look at the puzzle now. :-)


Wendy, FINALLY, The Door awaits! Dingbats rule!!
And Growly would be honoured to appear in one of your puzzles. He is really quite a vain little bear :-))


Hester, I BURST out laughing. No kidding! I was expecting to FINALLY be able to open up the door to the "desirable French residence" or at least see if there was a knob on the door, but NO. Instead I saw adorable Growly in a 12 piece puzzle with a different door, and one with or without a knob as well. The good news though, is that I took a screen shot of Growly and if it's OK with you, I'd like to put him in a puzzle I create in the near future.
The door that I've never been able to see up close and personal:
Keep in mind that it's important because I plan on starting renovation as soon as possible.


Open sesame! I am now the master of cut & paste, Wendy! No more the humiliation of misplaced full stops or transposed letters! I am a new woman!! ( And it's only taken me till the age of 56 to get this far! )
So now, anything you'd like to view , just ask! :-))


Laughing my head off! Hester, I looked at the door here....and seeing as how you and I have had a problem with a certain door, I looked more closely at this one....and then saw little Growly. I don't know why, but he looks especially adorable waiting for the door to open. I'm assuming there's a way to open the door with this one. ;-)


Gosh, I hope the notice on the door doesn't say, "No Bears Allowed!" He would be bear-eft! I couldn't bear it if he felt abandoned! Poor dear bear!

Love the door!! thanks, Hester!!

Like the textures and, of course, Growly. Thanks.