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Contomiani Collage

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Here comes some new kaleidos from an image Contomiani/Cathcm sent me. You can see the original image, and solve the puzzle at:

She has posted these in four sizes, all posted above. Enjoy mine, but especially enjoy hers.

Thanks, Catherine.


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Hi Sue, I'm so glad you enjoyed this one. The thanks really go to Catherine. I'm very well, thanks for asking. How about yourself? Yes, it's almost spring. I'm planning on moving to Florida if my house should ever sell (!), and was hoping to miss the Oregon winter here, but no such luck.


Most enjoyable, Gail. Thanks. Hope you are well. Almost Spring.


Hi Kirsten and Rosie, I have done absolutely nothing to these images except make kaleidos out of them. Catherine did all the hard work with her knitting from dusk till dawn. I'll ask her if I can send you a quilt because she owns the copyright to them. I'm so glad you enjoyed my rendition of her marvelous puzzles.

Rosie, Catherine posts all her puzzles in an 80-piece size as well. Go for it!!!


Gail, would you please make me a quilt like this with all of these beautiful kaliedos. They look knitted or crocheted or some kind of needlework so they will retain that look even when you print them from the images on your computer. They won't be warm but I'm going for the look here not the warmth. Great puzzle and will have to try some of Catherine's puzzles, even if they are in the larger sizes I'm afraid of. Rosie


Oooh! A 5x5 of gorgeous kaleidos!! Five times the fun. And I agree with Edie, these DO have a knitted look to them, Gail! Are you knitting your kaleidos? LOL


Thanks, Edie. I love Catherine's puzzles and always solve them. If I don't have my Contomiani fix, I'm lost!


This was fun Gail. A lot of these look like knitting. I'll have to go and check out her other puzzles. Thanks