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Happy Birthday to our favourite Aussie

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Today is a very special day. It is Kirsten's birthday and Growly and his chums thought it only right to celebrate in style! Unfortunately, as it is persisting down with rain their plans for a proper Aussie Barbie had to be ditched. So, Kirsten, cheers! Have a wonderful day. You give us all so much pleasure with your wonderful kaleidos and your jigidi friends are truly grateful. Good onya girl!!
ps Grrrowly has posted one of his own!


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Just wanted to say thanks again for making me this fantastic birthday puzzle, Hester!! You're a gem! :)))

And thanks again to you too Katie and Jan, for your lovely birthday wishes. :)))

I'm a VERY lucky girl to have found you all. :)))


Just had to come back and solve it Hester! Thanks so much, my friend! It's a hoot. I can't keep up with you on the humour front, so I'm just going to say that I'm very touched that you went to this much effort for me. Thank you SO much. :)))

And thank you for your lovely comments Katie and Jan! :)))


No worries Hester! My little fairy is most understanding.


Kirsten, it's my pleasure! You KNOW how the bear loves to "pardee" LOL

Ardy , Growly always throws a good party!!

Katie, good to see you and I hope your little lady has forgiven him for standing her up at Valentines. Hang your head in shame, bear!! Don't tell Growly, but that Tequila Sunrise I made him was missing the tequila!! ;-)

Jan, these "ladies" are not exactly elegant. They were last seen dancing in that Robin Thick video to Blurred Lines....that's right, the one where the girls are topless!! I shall have to introduce him to some nice girls! :-)

Edie, ROLF!! As I said to Katie and Jan, those girls are not the type to take home to mother. At least with the boozeless cocktails he and his buddy won't be getting out of hand (or paw!) :-)


Looks like the bears found two real dolls to join them in their celebrations and I guess the first step is plying them with liquor so the party can get underway. Hope those boys don't end up bearing it all and remember their manners around ladies. :-))) Good one Hester.


Friends, food and libations. Sounds like fun to me! That Growly is quite the party animal. But, you can't fault his taste in elegant women! ROFL!!
That also includes Kirsten - the Kaleido Queen. Happy Birthday again, Kirsten!!!
(great puzzle Hester!)


I saw you posting this this morning, Hester, but as usually I had to post and run LOL, but now I have a moment to tell you that I loved your idea of an extravagant birthday party. :))
Thanks a lot for a smile in a busy morning. :))


This looks like a super fun party Hester! I'll have one of those delicious looking summer cocktails please! Happy birthday again Kirsten!


Delightful looking party and guests, Hester. Thank you.


Oh, Hester! I LOVE it!! It's so lovely of you to make me a birthday puzzle. And to even arrange a whole party for me! What a pal. Thank you SO very much. BIG SMILES here. :-DDD