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Young students learning to sail.


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That's what smart people do, Robbie!!!! LOL


Hee hee Suzy, a number of teachers and friends think I lie awake at night dreaming up nonsense..........They are RIGHT!


You know all of the tricks, Robbie! LOL


Hee hee, hi PLG!
I remember the Sailfish ebkrueg, then the Sunfish took over because it was more stable. Your Cape Cod boats are very cool!


LOL, Robbie!


I took a few lessons from "Captain Gus" in Edgartown, Mass. when I was about 13. The Cape-Codder was very stable; a good boat to learn on. The Sailfish we had later, not so much. I just had to remember to grab my glasses when we tipped over. :)))


Thanks Shian and PLG. I took some lessons when I was 14. Sank the boats and got in trouble after a few lessons so I could spear fish and jump off rocks with my mates!


Love it! I took a brief class once. Didn't learn how to sail efficiently, but gained an appreciation for the skill it takes. :)


Fun for those that do like to sail, Thanks, Porgy.


Not all of us like sailing Ardy. Most of us enjoy jumping off the rocks and fishing during the holidays!


Seems like it would be a required course in school for anybody living there. Thanks, Robbie.