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not to worry we all do it, all the time and then there's typos I make them all the time if I don't check back on what I have written


Guess I better look closer to names. Sometimes I scare myself.


not related to anybody famous lol, my name is Shone not Shore. I am also Gollum, Jenna and Karli


Always wondered who Noggin was, Well take care of yourself. Good night. Thanks for the information about your self. I live North of Salt Lake City, UT, and am 72, 73 this year in August. Are you related to the Jim Shore who paints the beautiful statue's like the Nativity's.


I also was on lots of other jigsaw sites but from the day I found jigidi that was it. i was so pleased to be able to put up pictures. My first one was of my late dog Noggin, he now has a profile all to himself where he conducts us on World tours each day. now I have photoshop that gives me a life as I am disabled and 76, and I have lots of nice new friends. I live in England and so am off to bed now, hard to tear myself away each night


Have always loved Jigsaw puzzles, and until I found Jigidi, I was doing a lot of sites. Since I have been Playing on Jigidi. I don't go to any other site, there are so many to choose from here. Sometimes I can be #1 on the Leaderboard, sometimes, well, It depends on the puzzle. Want the Star, but have been having trouble with Paypal and it should be settled soon. Thanks


Hi Naoma glad it is of help, funny how we all like different ones, I like either white or light grey but the green is very popular. speed doesn't matter it's joy that counts. After all it is possible to spend over three hours making a puzzle so what's the hurry?


Thank you for the information, it helps to change the colors and now I can see the puzzles better, didn't help with my speed though. I told my Daughter about this and she likes the light green, and I like the tan. Thank you Naoma


Hi Inmm glad to be of help, you could always leave a question on anybody's puzzzle, maybe the ones who post each day. We are a helpful lot here on jigidi. I usually use a white background anyway but its such a help when that one white piece is left at the end and goodness knows where it goes

Thanks, June. I had read that you could change the background color, but had not figured out how to do it. I have wanted to many times when there was a lot of white in the puzzle.


Hi Dave and Lindaisling, glad to help, the new jigidi was a lot to take in. I like to learn something new every day, though at 76 I should be an Einstein by now


Thanks! I appreciate you taking the time to let those of us who didn't know about it. It was obvious as soon as I knew about it but up until now I had no idea... :]


Well done June!

I actually thought everyone was aware of being able to change the background. The first thing I did on jigidi was look at all the buttons. Didn't read the help, that's not a man thing. Men prefer to stagger around until hopelessly lost before asking for help. Luckily I didn't have to stagger far :-)


Hi Josie and Hanne, sorry no rose, you will have to put in an order


Thanks June, it's great to know!!


Hi Lady June, very nice, do they have a rose, never noticed. Have a good night dear.


Hi Pat, Katie and 0829, yes that was the one, I am sad at the number of people who didn't know, it makes such a difference to solving puzzles


Thank you June. I am going to try it.


I had no idea that was possible. Brilliant idea to give us a learning puzzle June!


Did the Dave Hitchborne puzzle show that Jigidiers needed a teaching moment?! You're right! Great idea, June--thanks for doing this! :-)))


thank you Lela


Well done Juneee!.......


thx, good to know, will make puzzle solving even more fun to do!


Excellent plan June! I like it. :)))


Hi Kirsten I thought those of us who make puzzles could help out where we find that someone has a problem


Hi Barb, top right hand corner there are four symbols, the green button with two vertical lines is pause, not dumb we all have to learn. Should have seen me when this new jigidi came out

Never mind. I just found it. I think it's time for me to go to bed! Thanks everyone for the suggestion and the help,

OK, Dummy here. Where is "pause?"

Thanks, I'll try it.


Good on you for posting this June!! Ever helpful, that's you! :)))

And Barb22, after you have clicked "solve puzzle", press pause, and you'll see the colour selection at the bottom of the little pause box.

I have been wanting to do this for a long time, especially when working with white pcs. Question: What is the source of the color I'm supossed to click on?