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Circle Skirt! (with pinking shear edges)

36 pieces
110 solves
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Then, we would have been twins, Dagmar! LOL


When I was younger I would have worn a skirt like this LOL, I think I even managed some more colourful ones. :))


Thanks for all the fun comments and the memories! :D


Tooti, you just caused me to have some flashbacks!


You wore a circle skirt over your crinolines and the circle skirt, if not made correctly, very quickly started to sag at the hems. I was tall and gangly and I so wanted crinolines like the tiny, perky, popular kids had. But, alas, it was not to be. I couldn't even afford a cashmere sweater set - too expensive, but I did have a lamb's wool set which I insisted wearing on the first day of school - which happened to be 90 degrees. I still remember that day in 1951 or there abouts.


Not sure I remember circle skirts. Poodle skirts were a little before my time, but I do remember crinolines and wearing two or three at a time so your skirt stuck out like a tutu and everyone could see your undies. No wonder my mother always told me to make sure I had clean ones on. lol
Fun puzzle Jan, thanks


Beautiful, Jan!! It sounds as if you have a veeeery nice time!! Do keep on! Thanks so very much!!!


Love the shimmery black and white stripes in this design Jan! It sounds like you have a really nice day planned today - enjoy!!!


Thanks so much, Kathy and Ardy!!! I'm glad you liked it!

Today we get to play in the rain - for the first time! Should be fun! Visits to bookstores and poking around in the little artsy/craftsy shops. Then back to a warm fire with good books or movies. After all, there is nothing like the smell of wet dog in front of the fireplace!


Good one, Jan. I remember circle skirts. I loved them. Had a black one with rainbow stripes. One friend told me she thought I was wearing an Native American blanket. But I loved it. Thanks. Have fun today.


That was fun to put together!!! Very creative. Thank you :-) Kathy