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Oh my gosh. How does one get peacocks?! Do they like the mail man?


thank you chilisand, we have peacocks who adopted us they are strutting around out there demanding food


I agree with Carol, all the "Peacock Eyes" made this one very special. Thank you!


Hi Gail and Grammylis thank you. glad you like the new look

Soft and petty today! Thanks!


June, It's hard to pick a favorite, but the upper left is stunning. They are all absolutely gorgeous. I do like the matte texture look. This puzzle is one of your all time best! Thanks.


Hi Carol, thank you. You seem to have found a lot in this puzzle and I'm glad you enjoyed it

I think this puzzle has all kinds of "wow" factors, lots of layering/texture being one of them. I'm very fond of feathers, especially peacock, so the 4 designs with peacock-like "eyes" (bottom right corner & top, left, & right centers) & and the feathery edge in the center are grand. Upper left is totally different - looks like touchable fuzzy chenille. My favorite is definitely the upper middle - it's got the whole shebang: great colors, design, & texture. I think the frequent variety is one of the things that makes your puzzles so delightful, June. :-) Many thanks.


forgot about the texture, just an idea I had for a change. Can't decide whether to do it all the time or not at the moment


Oh, June! I LOVE this one. The colours and patterns are divine. But that texture is fantastic!! Thanks so much. Can I order more please? LOL. Thanks again. :)))