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Swirl x 4 (Smaller)

42 pieces
112 solves
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Oh, my.....! I do see both Mickey and the bear, although it looks more like a pig's snout to me! LOL! You're all wonderfully loony indeed! Thanks, Edie, Ardy, PJ, Lela (good timing...), Mandy (nah, I don't hate you!), and Jan! :-)))))))))


I was abysmally slow, but had tons of fun with this. To me, it looks lie a very big-nosed bear. (nose is on the left!). Thanks so much, Pat......and I LOVE your experiments! 2:38


Oh dear Pat - you're going to hate me!!! I see Mickey Mouse!!! Lying down, with his ears to the left and his noise in the air!!!! His eye is the centre of the largest swirl!!! Sorry :~))))) !!


I'm glad I came rotund bodies in the way, attempting to 'bounce'........


Pat - well - I want to ecco Ardy's comment: 'A swirlicious good time'


A swirlicious good time, Pat. Thank you.


Weird is good! It's a relative of 'Looney' is it not?


Thanks, Barb, Edie, and Katie--to keep the designs fresh, I gotta just keep on keepin' on with the changes, no matter how weird the results! :-)))


I agree completely with Robbie and Barb - lots of jumping fun here Pat! I love your choice of all spring colors too!


Love the little twist that you put into every puzzle. Thanks Pat, great fun.


Here is 'she who shall remain nameless', Pat. LOL
That was a lot of fun jumping around those colourful swirls, thanks Pat. :-)


Hello there in first place!!! It's lovely to have a puzzle all to yourself, isn't it, before he-who-shall-remain-nameless gets here! :-))) Thanks, Robbie--I'm glad you had fun! :-)))


Ah what a relaxing feeling this is, up here all on my own jumping from one circle to another, hippity hop, jumping down the swirls, spinning back up. What a ride PD, I know the crowd will be here soon, very cool puzzle and tricky for me, but lots of fun, thanks.