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Happy New Year

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Hi Hanne, Gail, Ardy and Lee thank you, I feel quite worn out watching other people put christmas etc together. Looking forward to a new jigidiing year

Thank you for giving us all a kaleido New Year greeting.


June, A very Happy New Year to you. Thank you for the pleasure you give me and many others. You are an inspiration.


This was quite the celebration, June. I love your puzzles as you know. I agree with Hanne. To a year of fun, joy, and health.


The same to you June, wish you a year with lots of fun and joy and better health!! Thanks so very much!!


Hi folks thank you, hope you are ready for the party tonight can't wait to see you all to wish you Happy New Year and lots more fun puzzling.

Gail Noggin has put some pictures up today by the same artist he has done quite a few puzzles lately. the drawing is lovely, he is so clever


What a great party June! I joyfully add my thanks to you for your wonderful puzzles! We do have a lot of fun here and I'm greatful for all the friends - you're one of the best!


HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Great puzzle, great fun & looks like a great time for tonight!!! Thanks for all of your great puzzles and looking forward to another year of them June!!! :))))))
(time, 8:49)


Happy New Year to you, too, June. I've bookmarked this for after breakfast. Did you see this puzzle of Cumbria?


I echo OM and Kirsten June, what a pleasure it is having so much fun with all of you. Happy New Year to you and your family and looking forward to more fun with you all in 2013.
Of course I really feel in tune with the couple on the middle left........They look like they are headed for BIG TROUBLE and I am right behind them!!!!!! Thanks very much.


Aw thanks Gail, that's so kind from one person who enjoys ill health to another, but we battle on enjoying the fun as best we can. I don't know what I would have done if I hadn't found jigidi and all my friends, guess I wouldn't be doing anything at all by now, it keeps me alive and interested. So happy New Year to you and all Jigidiers, even Mr Pee Squirt who I miss


I couldn't have put it any better than Kirsten did, June. You are indeed the Kaleido Kween, and an inspiration for all Jigidiers on how to be a good person, never have a bad word to say about anyone (except the Pee Squirt, of course), and are always in high spirits, despite myriad health problems. It's been wonderful knowing you these last few years. Thanks for all the hours of enjoyment you've given me with your puzzles.


Hi Kirsten, happy New Year to you too. Glad to have been an inspiration and to see how well you have come on in the past year, hopefully we will both continue to learn new tricks


Happy new year to you too June!! Thank you for all of your fantastic kaleido puzzles over the year, and for being such an inspiration to me! If I can even make anything HALF as nice as yours, I'll be doing well. You are the original Kaleido Kween!! I hope 2013 brings laughter, friendship and good health. 'Specially the latter, 'cos I think you already have the first two in spades. :)))