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Surprise Egg

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Very cute, Mandy!

Magda, this egg does remind me of an Easter egg. And ohhhh, how I do wish it was already springtime. I'll make sure to be a small criminal- I'm 5 foot 2 inches which I believe is small enough to fit in that category. I might do a big crime though. LOL! That way I might be able to stay longer.


Thank you wendy for the lovely Easter (?) egg. It is time to think of easter, as christmas is gone.
I also love your idea of a free holiday in my country. It seems you are not the only one---our jails are always too full. Therefore they house small criminals sometimes in a chalet in the Swiss Alps! Just think of it--you might get lucky.


Not a midwife.... a Chrysanthe-mum!!


Mandy, they need a midwife. ;-)

Ardy, I am so glad that you're getting more and more used to this size. I was going to post this one in a smaller size because I knew that you'd like it, but I thought this was suited for a slightly larger size and that you'd be able to handle it. :-)


I forgot to post comment --- again!!! I loved this, Wendy. I'm glad you posted it in a size I could handle and not leave all the fun to the eggsperts. Thanks for the fun.


L-ova-ly!!! Beautiful baby blossoms being birthed!! Thanks Wendy :~)


Whoa, Ms. whatnauts, you're right behind Abolvig who is a super fast puzzle solver! Eggsactly how did you do that?


It's no egg-ageration, these puzzles are fun to solve :)


Thank you, mariasha....and a Happy New Year to you and Katie! :-)

Yes, Katie, it's an eggs-citing view of a small portion of my garden.


Oh! It's an eggs-citing new view of Wendy's garden!

Very cool, Wendy...and Happy New Year to you!