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Not a Swirl

80 pieces
195 solves
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That's what I sometimes do, Pat - only I don't always even read the title... sometimes I'm that eager to get to the solve!!! LOL!!


Oh, I READ the title before I solved this--I just didn't pay any ATTENTION to it! There's a difference...! LOL!


Thanks Judy - I'm so pleased you read the title and enjoyed the solve. :~)


Mandy, funny title, but someone, I won't mention names, doesn't read them. :-)) I absolutely love the puzzle and do wonder how you made the spirograph. I have a kaleido program that gets nowhere near that detailed. I loved solving it, even though intimidated, but it turned out not to be as difficult as feared. I cannot say enough about the layers of repeated not-swirls as they got smaller and smaller. Great colors and the background is perfect. Yeah!



I'm dizzy after doing this one.


Hopefully I'm laughing WITH you, Pat - never AT you!!!


That's right, laugh at me! Go ahead! :-)))


LOL Pat - I did warn you!!!! Too funny, I'm sorry I shouldn't be laughing - but really what is the point of giving a warning if you choose to ignore it!!!!! LOLOLOLOL - I'm pleased to see you got on the board though, and thanks for leaving the comment and giving me a good chuckle!!!


No, it's not a swirl, and I got into a pickle trying to solve it as if it were one! LOL! Cool puzzle, Mandy!


Thanks Cadence, I'm glad you had fun, you're always welcome :~)


So very fun! And a lovely pattern, too! Very creative. Thanks for posting : )


Thanks chilisand - I'd be very happy to post this larger... the largest it will go is 238 - will that be OK, or too big??


Very enjoyable, consider a larger size sometime? Thank you.


Thanks whatnauts - I did have fun - and now I can't remember exactly how I got to this!!! LOL :~)


It looks like you had a lot of fun with your spirograph. Lots of fun, monza - thanks much.