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#14 Blurry Colorado River

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Our water source and just terrible water to drink if you really have to..New homes have reverse osmosis installed (filters the water) but even so the taste is there and I prefer tasteless water and we buy crates full of bottled water.. Our cats get bottled water as well and the birds get filtered water..We also have a water softener, it’s well needed for the pipes, taking a shower, the dishwasher and the laundry..Hubby has soft water coming out the hose for washing the vehicles..There is a big different also seen in the yard, the water leaves a white patch around the bushes from the regular water


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Thank You Cathy, Ardy, Iceng, lockcutter and Janet for your drinking water information..very interesting..Hugs to all❤️❤️


An interesting pic thanks Eva. Nobody drinks our town water form the tap, everyone has tanks for rain water. We also boil ours seeing it comes off the roof as we have many birds and in summer flying foxes (fruit bats) which fly over! Hugs my friend. ♥♥


I liked Laughlin when it was small (years ago)! We've spent many vacations on Lake Mohave above Katherines Landing. There are some great coves to pull the boat into and camp.


Our water comes from a mountain reservoir, it is filtered and tastes OK meaning no taste no odor..
The reason we filtered was when we left that water in a horse watering trough (old bathtub), we discovered micro red worms hatching from near invisible eggs two days later..
These eggs were specially flown into the reservoir by a population of wild Mallard ducks :-))


I don't like the taste of my tap water either so buy bottled water in gallon jugs. If you rode on the river for a ways you would come to the Grand Canyon. ☺ Thanks, Eva. Interesting little trip. Hugs♥♥


I am in the country so we have well water drawn from underground springs. The water is good and tasteless.


@redina1 ..Here lays the answer to your question☺️