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Bodnant House, Graig, Conwy, Wales. Photo by Jeff Buck

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Reading your comment Phyllis I was sing to myself 'there's a welcome in the hillside'. It's nice to see a piece of home. Thanks...Sue
Thank you Lynette and Denise, the ground are lovely. Apparently people play crochet on this lawn.


Stunning building and such beautiful grounds :-)


There's nice now, diolch yn fawr, Sue.

'Far away a voice is calling,
bells from memory do chime.
Come home again, come home again,
they call through the oceans of time.

We'll keep a welcome in the hillside,
we'll keep a welcome in the vale
This land you knew will still be singing
when you come home again to Wales...'

Awesome puzzle, and to try and do justice to the others.


wow what a beautiful house and gardens!! Thanks sue:-))


I thank English Heritage and The National Trust for preserving our great houses, castles and prehistoric monuments in this country, they do a wonderful job. Thank you 48 it's nice you enjoyed the puzzle...Sue

Thanks waxwing, perhaps next time you visit these shores you'll visit here...Sue


glad that this is being preserved and made available for the public Sue - nice to see that happening to many of your 'treasures' over there! Thanks for an enjoyable puzzle!


How beautiful and fascinating! I could spend weeks exploring it!


It's got it all Joyce and a lovely big garden to go with it. Thank you ladies it's nice to know you like this picture...Sue


Beautiful stately home....

Joyce said it all! Thanks for posting, Sue.


WOW ... WOW ... WOW!!! What a dream of a house!! Fantasyland!! It's gorgeous without a doubt!! It even has a round room & great chimneys!! Thanks bunches Sue!! :)))
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