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The sun'll come out tomorrow, bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow, there'll be sun...

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Yes, cabin fever has taken hold of me. In Oregon, it rains every day from the end of October through July 4th. Sometimes just a drizzle, but always overcast. We have one week at the end of January or beginning of February where the sun comes out for an entire week and the temperatures warm up. Then, it's back to the rain until July 4th. But summers are glorious here. You get used to it, but you have to grow webbed feet if you want to live here and survive.

Too bad I'm moving to Florida, where it's always hot and humid except for a few months in the winter. I wish my sister could move here, but so far she's refusing! In Oregon, everyone is always low on Vitamin D.


Hi Judy, I left you a message on your other profile. Since I only look at Favorites, I didn't even know that profile existed. I've added it to my Favorites, so I won't miss anything. I'm so glad you told me about it. I would have been ignorant about it forever. Now I have a puzzle to work tonight! Thanks so much.

If you prefer, I could ask you about specific puzzles. Even though I mostly solve the large ones (and some of the 49-er kaleidos), I'm a little fussy about which ones I solve. I like them relatively easy. For example, your Modern Art one is a little too compicated for me, but the one you made for me (Shelved Pattern Pillows) is perfect. It's reminiscent of my favorite puzzle maker, Catherine (contomiani and cathcm in Italy). You could get an idea of my style of puzzle by looking at her puzzles. However, judging by the number of solves your puzzle got (371 ~ wow!), you might want to post all your puzzles in the large size in addition to the smaller sizes. A lot of people will post their puzzles in four sizes, so everyone can get a chance to solve in the size they prefer. Since you can post up to eight puzzles a day (four for each profile, up to a max of eight a day per IP address), it might work out for you.

Thanks again. I'm going to look through the day's Favorites and then get to work.


You must be having lots of rain Gail - Cabin Fever setting in?


Gail, this is really cool. It looks hand-drawn and parts, especially the blue in the corners, looks like watercolor. I really like the contrasting colors, making for a pleasing presentation. Thanks for the fun solve.

In case you didn't see it, I did leave you a message for you on my recent "Modern Art" puzzle asking you about whether to post your preferred size on all my puzzles or just by special request. I am using a new name for those: HeyJude_NM. I'd like your feed back on which puzzles to post in that size. I appreciate your interest, because the first puzzle (Shelved Patterned Pillows) was a big hit. I dedicated it to you but don't know if you saw it under the new username. Thanks for looking out for me.


Could be, maybe.


I see little red lizard heads all around a blue plate. Sorry! But, very bright and fun puzzle to solve. Thanks, Gail!

And look! I am number one at this moment! (won't last!)