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100 - 34

196 pieces
166 solves
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Hi Debs! Thanks so much for thinking of my problem. What I did to make a difference is I changed the size from 1000 x 1000 pixels to 1500 x 1500 pixels, I changed the resolution from 92 to 500, and I changed the file type from PNG to GIF. This last change really seemed to make the most difference.


Hi graciepie, I was asking what your computer operating system was (i.e Windows, Vista etc), as I was trying to help you to make the larger sizes. I see by your comments on your other puzzles ~ you have already sussed how to :)


Queen! I figured out how to make this puzzle larger (YEA!), but I can't post it until tomorrow since I've already posted 4 today.


Queen, thank you so much!!! :-)) I always make my puzzles in a variety of sizes, and I start with the largest it will go to. Like I said in the first comment at the bottom of this page: "I have no idea why this puzzle would only go to 196 pieces. I made it the same as all my other ones and it is the same size and resolution. Can anyone help me on this problem?" If the puzzle will go larger, I make it larger.


Debs, Thanks for your comments to let me know how much you enjoy my puzzles. I truly love working with the images to make the puzzles. It's a lot of fun! The programs I use arw PC Paintbrush, and IrfanView ( which is completely free and Wonderful! I use it for image editing, sizing, cropping, color adjustment, etc.


Gracie--you make the best puzzles...just soooo small. Can you make them 240 please? Thanks.


Another fun 100 squares!!
Thank you so much graciepie49, for all the time and effort you put in, to make us these wonderful puzzles to enjoy :)

What programme are you working with on your computer?


You are welcome, as always Robyn, and thanks for letting me know you are enjoying my puzzles.


Fun puzzle, thanks, graciepie. :)


You're welcome chilisand :)


This is a wonderful puzzle, thank you.

yes, I saw your message and I don't know anything about why it wouldn't go any bigger. I hope someone can answer that. I appreciate the work you put into it. I enjoy your puzzles a lot.


Norkor, you're welcome. I'm glad you enjoyed it. I would love to have made it "bigger," but 196 is as many pieces as it would go up to. Read my comment below.


Hi jennycal, my time was 1:05:16, but only the top 10 scores will post, and if you are one of the ten fastest, you can still be pushed off the listing if there are others who come along after you with faster times. I am very seldom in the top ten, but I don't even try to be fast anyway.

great puzzle. It would be terrific larger. very fun to do. thanks

My time of 1.07.12 was not added to the score board???


I have no idea why this puzzle would only go to 196 pieces. I made it the same as all my other ones and it is the same size and resolution. Can anyone help me on this problem?