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Second Time Around!

88 pieces
62 solves
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Hahahaha, LindaAnnie!

Beautiful job!!! and no copyright issue :-)


Thanks, ladies! Katerin2 . . . . when you make your house quilt, puzzle it so we can all see!


The quilt is even more amazing after your explanation. I am putting this pattern on my 'to do' list now and am already thinking of the houses quilt I can make. Thanks for the inspiration!!


Wow Quartina......very nice!


I am so very impressed! What a lot of work......and such a beautiful quilt. Thanks so much, Quartina!


Yes, there are occasionally vacancies, Cobbscout .. . . I'll put you on the waiting list!
Katerin2 . . . the blocks are 4 inches, so I hand-pieced them as the pieces were so small. I didn't want to interfere with all the prints used, so hand-quilted very little, and quilted the border. There are no repeated prints in all the houses, so 219 different prints (including border, binding and backing) in the little quilt! Tomorrow I'll put on some close-ups of the houses for you to see . . . . it was fun making it!


Nice looking community. Any vacancies? :-)


Lovely wall quilt. Did you use foundation piecing for the blocks? How are you planning on quilting it.....with a pattern or by outlining the houses?