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Gold Plums

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I saw these beautiful fruits the last time I went to my local grocery store. I haven't tried one yet, but they look delicious!


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I'll get back to you soon, Bill...


This has nothing to do with fruit, but as I seem to have lost the URL to our secret puzzle, I am sharing it here. I thought the linguist in you would enjoy it!

What the F?

As a curious aside, classical Arabic doesn't have characters for F or V. It is only in modern times that Arabs have invented characters for those sounds. And many Arabs still can't pronounce them. Where I lived they called Filipinos Pilipinos.


I also picked up some delicious peaches last week, which were also from Chile. And priced about the same as domestic peaches are in the summer. Can't beat that!



"Damned voles!" is what I said. Well, almost. That's the cleaned-up version...


Oh, I'm so sorry to hear about the demise of your beloved apricot tree. Damned voles! :-(



Thanks for coming by! It is possible that they're from South Africa. I know you have some amazing fruit crops down there! However, it's more likely they came from South or Central America (or California). I live much closer to the Pacific coast than the Atlantic, and almost all of our winter produce comes from the places I just mentioned.

Having said that, it would be fantastic to take a trip down there and have some of that wonderful fruit! I love peaches, too! (Though I'll admit that I tend to buy the cling-free peaches..)



Whenever I think of apricots, it stirs up a wonderful/horrible memory.

My mother ate an apricot that she REALLY enjoyed, so she kept the pit. After it has sprouted, she grew it into a healthy little start and ultimately planted it. It was such a tiny little thing, but it slowly began to get taller. After several years, it finally produced fruit. And I mean "fruit" in the singular - the tree produced one single apricot.

With encouragement from my mother, I ate that apricot and I've never forgotten it. It was the best, most delicious, sweet and juicy apricot I've ever had in my life. Though the tree only produced that one fruit, I was blown away and was already anxious for the next year to bring more of those delicious apricots.

The next spring, the day finally came when the apricot tree exploded back to life, absolutely LOADED with blossoms! What in the world were we going to do with all of those? There were certainly more than our small family could eat. We'd probably have to dry some.

It was agonizing waiting for the fruit to develop, but having lived in an agricultural area my entire life, I understood the reward I would receive for my patience. One day, I looked out the window, hoping to see fruits forming. To my horror, the tree was dead!

It turned out that voles had eaten the roots of the tree and killed it.

Fifteen years ago, I had never heard of a vole, much less seen one. Then we were invaded, and those little   Ϡ!⦻#⁕☠s haven't stopped eating every plant in sight! I really don't mind all that much if our potato crop isn't very good, but losing that little apricot tree was a true tragedy!

So there it is, wonderful to have been able to eat the best apricot I've ever had, horrible to have the tree killed by nasty little field mice!


Maybe they come from South Africa - we have them here and they are Delicious~~ We have also had a variety of different colours and flavours this year - wish i could send you guys some ☺☺☺ my favourite are they yellow cling peaches and that has sadly come to an end now xx sunny smiles and hugs


Oh, yes, Italian prunes are one of my very favorite fruits, along with apricots! There was an old, fairly decrepit Italian prune tree outside my apartment that died last year. It never produced much fruit but I enjoyed the few it provided.

Elvis, I forget you have a tumor. Even with it, your brain works a lot better than mine. :-\



I'm glad you found these to be a tasty treat!

I don't actually know where they're from, but considering the time of year I'd be shocked if they weren't imported from some southern hemisphere country. Chile would be an excellent guess, as they seem to supply a great deal of our produce in the winter.

It really sounds stupid, but I was so enamored of the appearance of these plums that I neglected to buy them! I was really making a "surgical strike", getting only the few items that I needed. It didn't even occur to me that I could actually purchase some of these beautiful plums and give them a try. In truth, it doesn't seem to be related, but I'm blaming that lapse of good judgement on the brain tumor!

I love plums, too. I absolutely love the black ones when they get soft, juicy and sweet! So delicious! I also like the Italian Prune Plums. They're not as sweet and juicy, but they have a very "plummy" taste!

We used to have a plum tree in our pasture, but the horses rubbing against it to scratch themselves was the death knell of the tree. They knocked off the bark all the way around it. Had we been paying better attention, we could have fenced it off, but hindsight is 20/20. That tree produced great plums that were similar to the Italian Prune Plums. We never called it the plum tree, though. It served as a perch for hawks who would look for rodents in the pasture. Therefore, we called it the "Hawk Tree".


Thanks for the fun puzzle, Elvis! I love plums and try to eat one every day. I don't think I've ever eaten a gold plum. Are they imported? Lately, the supermarket here has had red ones imported from Chile that are really tasty. My favorites are the black ones when they are in season.