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Friesland, Towns and villages, Bakkeveen.

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You're welcome Talia.


Another beautiful card of Bakkeveen. Thanks.


Thanks Cathy and Trudy. We have sun now, tomorrow too. Who knows how long we have to wait again. So I better do it now. And when you work you become warm. Only pity of the wind.


I admire you getting out into the garden when it is still quite cool. We have sun here today, but some wind and the ground is very wet, so I will wait a week or two. Enjoy but don't do so much you can't move later! :-)


Great collage! Thank you Ank. Yes, I should go and tidy up my little garden too. Perhaps this gardening collage will inspire me!!


Thanks girls, I like this too. I don't know the flowers, it looks beautiful, but there was no name with the photo.
We had great weather today, I worked for hours in my front garden, it looks much better now. But my poor back. Also tomorrow we will have a lot of sun. So also tomorrow there is less Jigi time. I must take advantage of this weather. Tomorrow I will work in the back of the house.


It sure looks to be a lovely place too!! Thanks so very much Ank!!


Love it .. thanks Sis.. Hugs


Those pink flowers are pretty with a touch of green on them. Thanks Ank.


Good set today, loved the pictures.


Thanks Shirley, I will work a bit in my garden too.


Now that's it's stopped raining, I'll have to do some mowing and weeding in my garden, tomorrow, enjoy your day Ank, and look out for those snakes.


Lol Denise. Thanks


I love this collage, and there is Ank in the corner:-))Thank you so much . Have a lovely day in the garde:-))))))HUGS


Thanks Robbos Sissel Chookies Jana Lorna and Treker. yes I had my morning coffee and two sandwiches with peanut butter and a few glass of milk. So I'm ready for the day. It's still cold, we had frost last night, but the sun is there, no clouds, no wind. So I will go shopping fast, then I will do some garden work. I love to play outside. Have a great day/ evening and sleep tight.


Hi Ank! Fun ones again today. Thanks


Another nice collage Ank thanks, and hurray for Spring.


Good morning Ank, I'm glad you also spring. I wish you that you enjoyed a wonderful day. Photos are very nice, thank you my friend :-))))


Good morning, Ank. We change places once again - now it's my turn to ask whether you've had your morning coffee!! Have a lovely day and I'll see you in a few hours. Hugs.


Good morning - Lovely collection :-)


Yeah! Our summer is more or less finished but is still hot.


We have sun, Spring is there.