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Totally Dotted Out

81 pieces
262 solves
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Hi Yuki! What a pleasant surprise! I'm so glad that you didn't miss my message. Math was my favorite subject in school so maybe that's part of why I enjoyed data analysis and still do. :-)
A very short story. Our neighbor's daughter was failing math in school but was a straight A student otherwise. I told her to view math as a puzzle, and to buy some other math books besides the one she had to use in school. By the end of the term she was getting A's on all her math tests and got an award at the end of the year for being the top math scholar (in a private school where there were awards like that).
Are you going to create your own puzzles? I'm especially excited if that's the case. Regardless, I really look forward to seeing what you post.
So you're a procrastinator too? Ohhhh, I'm awful.
One thing I won't procrastinate about is that the moment springtime really arrives, I'll make sure to enjoy it immediately. LOL
I hope you're enjoying better weather than I am at the moment. ;-)

Hello Wendy, thank you for the comment. I'm Japanese, Tokyo girl, maybe too old to be a girl (in my 40's). Very interesting that you are fond of data analysis. Rare for a woman too, I guess. I always admire people who have their own way to deal with things. Your puzzles show your intelligent thinking, and that must be why your puzzles are so fantastic ;)) My target day for posting puzzle would be.. before Christmas? ha ha, I hope my usual procrastination won't kick in. Enjoy your spring days, Wendy ^_^ (


Hi, Yuki, it's nice to meet you. I did an online search to learn a little about your name. Are you Japanese and a female? And do you live in Japan? In my last two jobs.....long ago, I worked as the inventory controller and had to maintain a database. I loved those jobs so keeping some Jigidi databases is a lot of fun for me and a great replacement. If you're going to start a puzzle boot camp, I'll join. LOL Have you created some puzzles that you'd like to post but are afraid to? Don't feel guilty about not posting any. I think every single person who has created puzzles was a puzzle solver first. It took me two years before I started creating puzzles (I used to have a different username).

Billie, those are fast dots, and I know how hard it is to catch them. I had problems rounding them up to stay put in the puzzle. :-)

I loved chasing the dots, it was so cute, thanks.

My name is Yuki, apology for belated introduction. As for your making track record, I think I would do the very same if I will ever be able to create great puzzles like yours. I may even organize online puzzle boot camp for people.. whatever that is lol
Thank you for great puzzle time, Wendy. I will post mine someday... feeling guilty just having fun here with zero contribution.


Whoa, yukity! I just saw that you've just accumulated a bunch more top spots. I'll have to update later on. I do it once a day, but I can see that there's going to be a whole lot of yukitys laughing away. ;-)


On a side note, that's your 16th top spot on my puzzles. :-)


Thanks so much, once again, yukity. I have a question for you. Were you born with that name? Or do you have another one that I could call you? ;-)

Really very cool dear Wendy ;))


Hi, tootie, Pat, and Edie. All three of you are on the leader board. What's with that? LOL
I'm glad all of you enjoyed this one. I REALLY enjoyed playing around last night while I watched TV and went dotty. Edie, I know what you mean. I saw spots too.....I think.


Great fun Wendy. Just cleaned my glasses because I'm still seeing spots. Loved it. Thanks


Fabulous fun to solve, Wendy! I really love the contrast between the uniform back circles and the very varied tiny front ones, with their different sizes and different width outlines! Splendid design! :-)))


This was a neat, clever puzzle. Complicated and fun. Thanks