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She's just so cute

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I didn't see it - hope they got it balanced, unlike the Today show. Saw her in person today at 4am. Doing so well, they are letting the overnight babysitters watch from the viewing room instead of on a monitor in another building. Very sweet!


Thanks for the information, Carol. After I posted my comment, I read a lengthy article in the Oregonian about the entire process. It was most enlightening.


I saw the video at Real cute watching it wobble around on unsteady legs.


Good. I hate to hear of "families" being broken up. :D


She will stay at the zoo for life. They have learned that females need to stay together as a family forever. Boys are independent after maturity and if needed somewhere, it is possible Sam would be loaned to another zoo years from now but our zoo would still own him. We don't own Tusko, but it isn't likely he will be sent anywhere else because he has been an excellent male influence on Sam and will continue to after the girls push him out of their group.
Its common for zoo animals to be owned by other entities. They trade and borrow as needed. Our zoo holds the book on elephant reproduction and therefore plays an important role in deciding who breeds where.


I just saw on the news that the baby has been contracted back to the same traveling circus that Tusko came from. They're trying to work on a deal whereby the baby stays in Portland with Rose-Tu.